How Young Sheldon Is Rewriting History in Lead-Up to Big Bang Move

Young Sheldon better brush up on his German!

Thursday’s episode of the Big Bang Theory prequel series set the stage for Sheldon’s predestined stint in Central Europe. After the college junior learned that he’d need to beef up his resume before he applies to future alma mater Caltech, Dr. Sturgis put in a good word with a colleague overseeing a summer research program at the University of Heidelberg.

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As previously reported, the May 18 Season 6 finale will see Shelly and Mary fly off to Germany, just as a tornado comes barreling toward Medford. If that sounds familiar, that’s because Big Bang (sort of) alluded to these events in a 2008 episode: In Season 1’s “The Pancake Batter Anomaly,” Sheldon told Penny that Mary accompanied him while he was a visiting professor at the Heidelberg Institute — only then, Sheldon said he was 15, not 13.

“My mom had to fly back to Texas to help my dad because the house slipped off cinderblocks again,” he said at the time. “It was tornado season, and it was an aluminum house.”

That piece of dialogue predated the establishment of several major life events now considered canon, including the 1994 death of George Sr. and Sheldon’s start at Caltech, both of which occur when the science prodigy is 14. Moving up his time abroad seems to suggest that the spinoff is still writing towards George’s demise and Sheldon’s move.

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