Young Sheldon Boss on Georgie and Mandy’s Next Move, Missy’s Radical Transformation and More

Before Young Sheldon‘s Georgie and Mandy tie the knot, they’ll have to find a place to live.

Now that Meemaw’s house has been decimated by a tornado, Georgie, his future bride and their newborn daughter CeeCee are living in Sheldon’s bedroom — and they’re already feeling a bit cramped. Alas, they’ve got no place else to go — that is, except for Jim and Audrey’s house.

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Midway through Thursday’s final season premiere, Georgie relays an offer from his future in-laws for he, Mandy and the baby to come live with them — an offer that Mandy squashes like a bug. “She’s pretty adamant that she would never do it,” executive producer Steve Holland tells TVLine. “Although, six or seven people in one house, with one bathroom, can start to wear thin after a while.

“Some other things come up this season that [Georgie and Mandy] have to go through that maybe make their living situation more precarious,” Holland warns.

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Below, the EP weighs in on other premiere developments, including Missy’s dramatic transformation and Meemaw’s worst nightmare come true.

TVLINE | Missy makes good on her promise to George Sr. to do better, and keeps the house in order in Mary’s absence. How long will this transformation last?
I mean, she’s still a 13-year-old girl. We talked about this a lot going into the [final] season because she had some trouble last season. Where we landed was that after the tornado and that big moment with Dad, it felt like she had turned a little bit of a corner. Especially with Meemaw’s house being destroyed and Mary being away, this was her chance to step up. It was also fun for us to write Missy in a different shade, and to let Raegan [Revord] play a side of Missy that she hadn’t gotten to do before. But in the second episode, she starts to realize that being Mom isn’t quite as fun as it seemed at first.

TVLINE | Connie will have to foot the bill if she wants to rebuild her house. Where does she even begin? How does someone come back from this?
It was a way for us to mix things up and say, “She could just rebuild and be back in that house, but what’s the fun in that? If we can smush everyone into one house, or smoosh everyone into a couple of locations and mix things up, that’ll be fun for us.” It also gave us [new] things for Meemaw. You’ll see this season that this is not her only setback. As she becomes more reckless in her attempts to get back what she lost, she invites more trouble into her life.

TVLINE | Mary doesn’t have any idea what to do with herself. Sheldon’s preoccupied, and she isn’t needed back home. Will this continue to weigh on her?
It’s an interesting thread for her. Because you’re right, at first she wants to come back home — Mary likes to be involved and be the one who’s there [in times of crisis] — and being separated from that is hard for her, and it’s coupled with the fact that Sheldon is older now, and he’s at this university where he doesn’t really need her. She’s sort of having to figure out where her place is, and that threads throughout the season, even when she comes back, because Missy has stepped up. It’s not that she’s unhappy that the house isn’t falling apart, but she steps back into this world where she’s not as needed as she thought she would be. Obviously, she’s still needed — she’s the mom of the house — but in her mind, she’s feeling a little displaced.

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