New York City nail tech shows trendy hack to take pictures of your nails

TikTokers have recently found a new and creative way to show off their freshly done nails.

On Sept. 9, Ameya Marie Okamoto (@ameyamarieokamoto), a nail tech in New York City, posted the hack on her page, stitching in a post from TikTok page Hypic Global (@hypic_global).

Originally, this style came from Hypic Global. Her post garnered over 850,000 views, but got an even bigger platform after Okamoto’s video.

Okamoto raved about this trend saying, “This is literally now the only way that I will ever pose or post nail pics.”

Nearly 9 million people have viewed Okamoto’s video and requested a tutorial, which she quickly provided.

To do this, Okamoto said to take multiple pictures using the 0.5 lens on your phone’s camera, displaying your nails however you’d like in order to find the base of your photo. After that, take close-up pictures of your hand with the 0.5 lens still on. Once those photos have been taken, create a cutout of just the hand, whether with a separate photo app or with the newest version of iOS.

Certain Samsung phones also allow you to do this within its photo app, according to the comment section on Okamoto’s post.

Finally, overlay and enlarge the sticker of the hand onto the base photo.

This process came as a surprise to some of her viewers, who thought this picture was created with perfect angles.

“I feel betrayed! I really thought it was just a simple .5 option,” replied @landry.vanity.

Many TikTokers have taken the liberty of calling this trend ‘Luffy core,” which is a nod to the famous anime series One Piece. The main character of the show, Luffy, has cartoonishly large hands, which is what viewers see with this nail trend.

“HELP THATS LUFFY,” commented @annie__xxxx under @hypic_global’s post.

“Me who don’t have nails but wants to do the Luffy pose,” replied @sleepingsineasy under Okamoto’s tutorial.

In addition to comparing this trend to an anime series, some TikTokers also got nostalgic, comparing this trend to Steve Madden ads from the early 2000s, which featured enlarged heads and shoes.

“Reminds me of Steve Madden Commercials/ads, but it’s your hand. love the nails!” commented @ritzy_biscuit under @ameyamarieokamoto’s post.

With nostalgia, popular anime and a few photoshoots, several TikTokers are loving this new hack to make their nail pictures pop.

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