Yikes—This Costco Bakery Favorite Just Doubled in Price

And shoppers are *not* amused.



If there’s one Costco department we love to shop more than any other, it’s the warehouse bakery. This probably comes as no surprise—we write about it all the time, whether we’re raving about their latest mini cakes or the adorable holiday sweets we’ll be devouring by the dozen.

The Costco bakery rarely ever lets us down, offering new and delicious treats (typically in gigantic portions) at low prices that make them taste even sweeter.

This is why it was especially alarming to find out a Costco bakery favorite (and we mean favorite) was just relaunched at a much higher price. If you know the Costco pull-apart cinnamon rolls, you know them well, and we’re sorry to be the ones to share that the beloved $6.99 treats will now cost you almost double.

Costco Cinnamon Rolls Are Now Double the Price

To start, a brief history of the Costco cinnamon rolls:

The soft and gooey cinnamon rolls had a large and loyal fanbase, but in 2020, Costco shoppers discovered their beloved rolls had been discontinued, whether over pandemic-related issues or otherwise. Regardless, members were left “with the most profound sadness.”

But after a three-year (more or less) hiatus, the fluffy, fan-favorite cinnamon buns returned to stores in early 2023, and at a steal of a price—12 rolls for just $6.99. They were what we called a "no-brainer add-to-cart."

However, that deal wasn’t around long. After only a few months back on bakery shelves, the cinnamon rolls were revamped with a brand new recipe and are now being sold in six-count heat-and-eat containers—but for $12.99.

“They’re 12.99 now?!” and “No thanks! They are way too pricey now,” shoppers commented on Instagram. “Yeah, these are a hard no at this price,” a user commented on Reddit. We understand shrinkflation is happening at a rapid pace, but is it quite this steep? Doubtful.

Even if this price jump seems outrageous, all-in-all, the fresh-baked cinnamon rolls are still a good deal as far as regular grocery store standards go. One fan called the new edition “phenomenal” and a “must-try,” especially when heated up. The gooey cinnamon rolls are made with buttery dough, brown sugar, cinnamon, and honey—and no one can deny they look absolutely swoon-worthy.

So, before you toss out your membership card in retaliation, note that these cinnamon rolls have been compared to Cinnabon quality, but are still a fraction of the Cinnabon price. Let's face it, we Costco shoppers do tend to get a little price spoiled every once in a while.

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