This is hands-down the best underwear I've ever had the joy of wearing

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It was about a year ago that I first had the thought, "Hey, maybe women's underwear isn't actually practically designed for women and people with vulvas."

While I adored filling my underwear drawer with tiny bright satin and lace garments, my body was rebelling against my pretty purchases. I was 99.99% positive that my underwear drawer was the culprit behind the years of yeast infections, UTIs and general itchiness.

My theory was legit. Even the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends that all people with vulvas wear only cotton underwear if they want to avoid persistent pain and issues like yeast infections, UTIs and contact dermatitis. So when I found out that Everlane had a line of cotton underwear, I had to try it out. After all, I was already a major fan of their jeans, alpaca sweaters and cashmere.

Reader, I'm not exaggerating when I say this Everlane cotton underwear still makes me feel sexy and powerful without the chafing, discharge, itchiness, burning and every other unpleasant thing you can think of.

The Cotton Hipster, $15 or 3 for $36


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Featuring a smooth waistband and no tags, the cotton hipster is made of super soft, double-layer Supima cotton. Before you ask, the silhouette provides moderate booty coverage. Yes, it's still very cheeky (which, for me, is always key in feeling good in my underwear) without moving and becoming an accidental, bunched-up thong.

Multiple reviews point out that the underwear "feels nice on the skin," is "flattering" and "doesn't show under other clothes." One reviewer even wrote that their first set has been washed a "billion" times and has still held up.

Since I've expanded my collection and almost exclusively wear my Everlane cotton underwear (except for special occasions), I keep thinking about how often I spent money on new pairs of my old underwear since they would tear and wear down so quickly. These have lasted me at least a year — and other shoppers have found that true as well.

The cotton underwear comes in multiple styles. There are also thongs, boy shorts, bikinis and high-rise hipsters — so you'll definitely find something that'll suit your preference!

The Cotton Thong, $15 or 3 for $36


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No lie, I own 10 pairs of Everlane cotton thongs. They're that perfect.

Cotton Boy Brief, $15 or 3 for $36


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To be honest, there's something about wearing an open button-down shirt and gray boy shorts that screams "ideal Sunday morning," right?

The Cotton Bikini, $15 or 3 for $36


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The burnt-sugar colorway of the cotton bikini gives this classic silhouette a modern refresh.

The Cotton High-Rise Hipster, $15 or 3 for $36


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No pun intended, but the rise of the high-rise is the best thing to happen to society since sliced bread.

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