Yeezy fans expected to 'dig through' giant 'trash bags' at Gap for new clothing drop: 'Is this real?'

Trash is trending in fashion, and hype beasts are not happy.

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A common refrain after a bad purchase is, “May as well have thrown my money right in the garbage.” Fashionistas can now skip the middle man thanks to Gap, Yeezy and Balenciaga.

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When Ye fans caught wind of the Yeezy and Gap collab, it wasn’t surprising they were excited. The hip-hop star’s coveted line quickly sells out, and a Gap collab could spell lower price points.

However, Yeezy fans showed up at the Gap to find that they had to basically dumpster dive through heaps of clothing shoved into giant black sacks that resembled trash bags, as shown in a tweet by user @jyarow.

“This is how they are selling Yeezy GAP. The sales associate said Ye got mad when he saw they had it on hangers and this is how he wanted it. They won’t help you find ur size too, you just have to just dig through everything,” @owen__lang wrote in a tweet.

More footage from Yeezy showed hype beasts sorting through the massive bags of clothing. Not organized by size or color, the items range in price from $60 to $300.

Ye claimed to be inspired by unhoused people. The clothes were in dumpsters and trash bags when the collection debuted last July.

“Look to the children. Look to the homeless as the biggest inspiration for all design,” Ye wrote on Instagram after the backlash.

Rifling through a garbage bag for new clothing is intended to draw parallels between the experiences of the unhoused and the consumer. Whether or not anyone is buying that is another story.

“Exactly where they belong in the trash. Over price garbage. Why do y’all spend you money on this crap in the first place is beyond me,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Is this real I’m crying” one person responded.

“I feel like this is a museum exhibit that must be gawked at,” another said in a tweet.

“Instead of buying Yeezy’s, ‘homeless inspired’ clothing for $200… How about donatin’ the money to the people this man is mocking and makin’ bank on? @kanyewest clothing on display at the GAP. Sold in trash bags! Wow, dude,” a person said on Twitter.

Trash in fashion — or perhaps mocking and exploiting unhoused people — seems to be the hot new thing. Balenciaga debuted a $1,790 “Trash Pouch” with the sole purpose of causing trouble.

“I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?” Balenciaga Creative Director Demna Gvasalia said.

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