Yankees announcers use their best call of the year on falling cookies

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A plate of cookies briefly dominated the Yankees game. (Screenshot via @_BenDiamond on Twitter)
A plate of cookies briefly dominated the Yankees game. (Screenshot via @_BenDiamond on Twitter)

Over the course of a 162-game season, you’re bound to veer into the strange and unusual. That’s exactly what happened during Wednesday’s New York Yankees game.

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In the bottom of the fourth inning, announcers Michael Kay and Paul O’Neil became entranced by a team employee carrying way too much food. As the camera focuses on the employee, the plate all the way on the top of the delicately stacked mess falls to the ground. A plate of cookies starts tilting in that direction too, and that’s when all hell nearly breaks loose.

The employee manages to swiftly maneuver his elbow to keep the cookies from falling to the ground. He is then helped by a fan, who takes the plate away before all the cookies can be ruined.

There’s a moment in there where the plate does shift and things look bleak, but the employee recovers nicely. The crisis was averted.

While it wasn’t super suspenseful, Kay and O’Neil’s call of the moment was pretty entertaining. Kay seems pretty concerned, yelling out “the cookies are going down. No. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Help him.” He ends with “the humanity,” which is a wonderful touch.

And then they double down on the whole thing by making it the YESMO replay of the game. Kay actually gets through the sponsored read without an issue, but O’Neil starts laughing as it’s going on.

It’s reminiscent of the infamous “here comes the pizza” incident. Let’s be honest, this entire post was an excuse to link to “here comes the pizza.” If you haven’t seen it before, prepare to be amazed.

There’s not a real comparison to be made here, as the pizza video is a million times funnier. Still, there are similarities.

“Slow news day,” we can see the comment section saying. “Sure,” we might reply, “but you did just watch the ‘here comes the pizza’ video, so it wasn’t a total waste of time.”

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