Yangervis Solarte playing baseball with his daughters is genuinely adorable

Adorable is one of those words we overuse these days. Like amazing or awesome. But this video of San Diego Padres infielder Yangervis Solarte playing baseball with his daughters is genuinely adorable.

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Solarte is a Padre, but he’s a major-league dad too – and nothing can drill that home on Father’s Day weekend like watching him play baseball in his home with his three daughters.

There’s so much to warm the heart here:

• His two older daughters, Yanliett and Yuliett, wearing his Venezuela jerseys from the World Baseball Classic like gowns while taking their swings.

• The moment where you think it might be over, but the youngest of his girls, Yulianna, not quite 2 yet, walks into the frame and goes after the bat while her sister is pretending to slide into home.

• When Solarte sits on the ground with Yulianna and tries to help her swing.

All that is great, but there’s also a bit of a sadness you don’t see. The girls’ mom isn’t there. As you might recall, Solarte’s wife, Yuliette, died last September after a battle with cancer. She was just 31 years old.

Back in March, Solarte reflected on his wife’s death and talked about his bond with his daughters with the San Diego Union Tribune’s Jeff Sanders. He said it was his daughters that pushed him to get better at baseball and, in 2014, he finally the big leagues after eight years in the minors.

“I thank God for Yuliette because she gave me my three daughters,” Solarte said. “That changed how I lived my life. Before I had my daughters, there was a moment when I was playing when my shoulder was hurt, I was thinking, ‘Why play anymore?’ I was down and out. When I had my daughters, there wasn’t that excuse. It was – ‘OK, I have to take care of them. I have to give them a future.'”

Yangervis Solarte playing baseball with his daughters. (yangervissolarte26 / Getty Images)

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