XO, Kitty Premiere Recap: Grade Netflix's To All the Boys Spinoff Series

The youngest Song Covey’s quest for love gets off to a rocky start in the series premiere of Netflix’s XO, Kitty.

Anna Cathcart reprises her To All the Boys role as Lara Jean’s baby sister Kitty, who is now a 16-year-old with a long-distance boyfriend in Seoul. For years, she and Dae (played by Minyeong Choi) have tried to make do with poor-reception Facetimes, but Kitty longs to have her person by her side like her friends. So when she stumbles upon her late mother’s belongings, including a mix tape that suggests there was someone before Kitty’s father and her mother’s uniform jacket from KISS (Korean Independent School of Seoul), she takes it as a sign. Kitty applies for the same scholarship her mother had when she studied abroad her junior year of high school, and gets into the program, where Dae is also a student.

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Kitty plays up her desire to get to know her mom, and after some initial hesitation, her dad (Sex and the City‘s John Corbett) agrees to let her attend KISS. “Did I just let my youngest daughter go to Korea to have sex with her boyfriend?” he wonders. Yes, sir, you quite possibly did.

XO Kitty Recap
XO Kitty Recap

When Kitty arrives in South Korea, she misses her shuttle and has to navigate the foreign city’s public transportation while lugging her suitcase around. Her Korean isn’t good, and the people she stops to ask for directions in English are no help. How she still has a smile on her face is beyond me. To top it off, she’s struck by a car belonging to Yuri (Gia Kim), a wealthy KISS student and the daughter of principal Jina (Lost‘s Yunjin Kim), who gives Kitty a ride to campus.

Kitty’s mom Eve was friends with Jina at KISS, but when Kitty approaches Jina with an old photo, Jina pretends not to know who Eve Song is. So there’s definitely a story there. Speaking of secrets, Yuri is clearly hiding one from her mother, who confronts Yuri about a moment her friend Juliana’s housekeeper witnessed between the two girls. Yuri plays it off and says she’s been seeing someone over the summer that her parents wouldn’t approve of, and Juliana (Regan Aliyah) was just covering for her. That seems to appease Jina, who wants to know who is her daughter’s new mystery boy.

XO Kitty Recap
XO Kitty Recap

Meanwhile, Kitty has yet to see Dae or even tell him that she’s transferred schools. Instead, she decides to surprise him at the welcome dance (bad idea, girl!), where she meets Dae’s friends, the sweet Q (Love, Victor‘s Anthony Keyvan) and Min Ho (Sang Heon Lee), a posh student who literally bumped Kitty with his bag at the airport.

At first, Dae is thrilled to see Kitty, wrapping her up in an excited hug. This is the moment Kitty has been waiting for: their first kiss after four years of long distance! But there’s something Dae needs to tell her. Just then, Yuri places her hand on Dae’s and introduces him as her boyfriend. After that bombshell, a devastated Kitty runs off, and Yuri stops Dae from following her.

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