Working out from home? Learn from your favourite celebs

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Working out from home? Learn from your favourite celebs

Gone are the days when we sit on our lazy behinds all day and do nothing but watch other celebrities working out on our couches; even if you must stay in the house, these B-town celebs are here to inspire you to get in shape and look glamorous.

Those who seek to show off their physically fit bodies or those who are impatient for their buddies' best friend's bachelorette or bridesmaids dress parties may now get their moment of fame.

You do not have to sit tight for the gyms to be lit up with lights before displaying that post-workout glow anymore! Our very own Fitspiration of Bollywood celebs have arrived with their very own home workouts to keep us going!

Get the know-how on these few famous Indian celebs in their daily 'working-out from home' schedule and try staying in shape.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

The gorgeous mommy of two young children isn't about to miss an exercise routine, although it involves working out at home. Shilpa was among the first B-town personalities to encourage people to take maximum advantage of the lockdown and provided fans with a short yoga workouts that are both simple and intuitive. 

Arjun Kapoor

Over the years, Arjun has seen his body and mind undergo significant changes. But in recent times, his fitness has gotten people off their chairs and onto their feet! As he asks fans not to leave the house during the 21-day lockdown, he gives us some strenuous workouts that level up our at-home training sessions. Check it out for yourself in his Instagram handle!

Sara Ali Khan

She's an inspiring role model for young people in her early twenties. She later posted a clip of her hard-core training session, in which she was seen doing a combination of sit-ups, box jumps, squats, and shoulder-taps, as well as a program involving Tabata. The energetic vigour she trains is strong enough to inspire you to make you leave your couch and join your workout at home.

Jacqueline Fernandez

A case in point of the actress who advocates for Yoga all through tough times. With the aid of a few of her video clips over Instagram, she tries to spread the awareness of Yoga among people to stay healthy and keep their immunity strong, especially during the pandemic in recent times. Jacqueline is seen performing Surya Namaskar, various yoga poses and stretches. Moreover, this beautiful-looking Tinsel-town actress gives all credits for her remarkably youthful and radiant skin, t none but regular Yoga!

Milind Soman

The dashing actor proved that you don't need to go to the gym to be fit and healthy. With yoga and running, Milind Soman showed how he remains physically strong with home workouts that are easy and home food that keeps him keep fat at an arm's length.  

Katrina Kaif

This actress has become more spectacular over the years as she got much more fit and strong, to the extent that those in their 20s may consider it pretentious!. While gyms are closed, Katrina is still using the most innovative way to keep her active: her home fitness corner. She gave the fans a look at a more accessible home workout program in collaboration with her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. She gave them a snippet of the advantages of working out too. In addition to these regular workouts, Katrina prefers doing all the household jobs as well. Now, that is some serious motivation for all of you, isn't it?

Alaya F

This young actress remained active during lockdown with the help of yoga and dance. The actress tried new poses to make sure her body had some movement while sitting at home all day. Check out her Instagram account for some dance-inspired workouts. 

Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff is lauded for his body and fitness. The actor does everything from dance to weight training to gymnastics. As a fitness inspiration to many, his instagram account is a testament of how he maintains a toned physique by keeping his body moving, even at home. 

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