Woody Harrelson's 'LBJ' transformation was so perfect, it fooled his daughter

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Halloween came early for Woody Harrelson‘s family. While he was shooting the new drama LBJ, in which he plays America’s controversial 36th president, the actor’s daughter visited the set and got a glimpse of her father in his heavy presidential prosthetics. “I go running up to her to pick her up, and she’s screaming like, ‘Who is this man picking me up!'” Harrelson tells Yahoo Entertainment with a laugh. “I was like, ‘It’s Daddy!’ She was so surprised.” (Watch the interview above.)

Harrelson himself admits to being surprised by his transformation into Lyndon B. Johnson for the Rob Reiner-directed film, even though it subjected him to his least-favorite part of the filmmaking process: lengthy stints in the makeup chair. “I don’t like sitting in that chair for any length of time,” he admits. “We got it down to two hours. But then coming out of it and really looking in the mirror, I felt like, ‘Oh, I see LBJ in what my face has become.'”

LBJ opens in theaters today.

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