A woman said she was defending her mom during viral porta-potty brawl at Morgan Wallen's concert: report

Morgan Wallen performs onstage during Morgan Wallen's Dangerous Tour in September 2022.
Four women got into a physical altercation at a Morgan Wallen concert, but no arrests were made.John Shearer/Getty Images
  • Four women got into a physical altercation at Morgan Wallen's concert on August 30.

  • Footage of the porta-potty brawl went viral on social media, where one video has 12 million views.

  • One woman told Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy that she jumped into the fight to defend her mother.

Fans at a Morgan Wallen concert got into a brawl that ended in a porta-potty, fascinating internet users as footage went viral online.

Footage of the altercation gained traction after Barstool Sports shared the video on Wednesday. In the video, a woman wearing a pink fringe top confronts a woman in a white cardigan in front of a row of porta-potties.

What started as a verbal argument escalated into a physical fight where the two women scraped inside a recently vacated porta-potty. The fight suddenly became two-on-one when a third woman in a black tank top entered the altercation, but a fourth woman in a romper exited a nearby port-a-potty and immediately jumped in.

The woman in the romper defended the woman in the cardigan by quickly overpowering the other two brawlers.

Police said there were no arrests related to the altercation

Billboard reported the fight occurred on August 30 at Morgan Wallen's concert at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety representative told Insider that no arrests were made that night, but there were "plenty of ejections for intoxication."

"The parties involved in that incident dispersed before police even knew the incident had occurred," the rep's statement added.

So far, the video has been viewed more than 12.3 million times on X.

One woman says she got involved when she realized 2 concertgoers were fighting her mom

Internet users began discussing the brawl footage, with many applauding the woman in the romper for saving whom many believed was her friend. In an interview published Friday with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, the woman — Dalanie DiSabato — said she was defending her mother.

According to DiSabato, she and her mother were in line for the bathroom at the concert when DiSabato accidentally cut in front of another woman. When DiSabato entered the port-a-potty, the upset woman confronted her mother, who stood guard outside the door.

DiSabato said she could hear the commotion while inside the porta-potty.

"I just walked out and saw two girls ganging up on my mom," DiSabato said. "So, I did what I think any daughter would have done and beat the fuck out of them."

DiSabato confirmed that she'd never been in a fight before that night, adding that she didn't know she "was capable of ever doing something like that."

"I had to do what I had to do. My mom was literally getting jumped in a porta-potty,' she told Portnoy. "They were trying to put her head in the port-a-potty! I had to save her."

DiSabato did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider, made outside of regular working hours.

The altercation comes a month after a massive brawl occurred at a riverfront in Montgomery, Alabama. Footage of the fight went viral on social media and resulted in arrests.

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