Woman’s roommate calls her ‘intolerable’ for being a ‘snob’ to her friends: ‘She should get better friends’

A woman doesn’t want her roommate’s friends using her things or sitting on her couch.

She shared the issue on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The 23-year-old doesn’t like her roommate’s friends because they are “gross.” She says they haven’t done anything, but they give off a “gross” vibe, and she doesn’t trust them.

“They usually come over for an hour then they go out so I haven’t had to put up with them much,” she wrote.

She lived in the one-bedroom apartment before her roommate moved in. She has the bedroom, and her roommate has a partitioned area in the living room. All of the furniture belongs to her.

Last weekend, the roommate asked to invite the “gross” friends over to spend a night in and invited the Reddit poster to join.

“I was mad because fine if they are going to come over to hang out before going out but to have to deal with these gross people for a whole night was not something I wanted to deal with in my own home,” she wrote.

She told the roommate the “gross people” could come over, but they couldn’t use any of her belongings. The items included the couch, TV, kitchen table or any items she purchased. The roommate has been awkward and quiet since.

“It’s my stuff and I’m being nice enough to let her have these people over I don’t think I need to let them use my things too,” she said. “Maybe if she is mad she should get better friends.”

Redditors thought the poster was out of line.

“You’re denying her use of the common areas,” a user said.

“You are making it impossible for your roommate to hang out with her friends in her own home because you are a snob,” another commented.

“You better start looking for another roommate. You sound intolerable,” someone wrote.

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