Woman Puts American Eagle Pants on Blast: ‘How Small Has a Size 0 Actually Gotten?'

Which pair of pants from American Eagle is bigger? (Photo: Riley Bodley/Facebook)
Which pair of pants from American Eagle is bigger? (Photo: Riley Bodley/Facebook)

An Iowa woman is calling out American Eagle Outfitters for inconsistent jean sizes — and she has photographic proof.

On Facebook, Riley Bodley shared a picture of two pairs of jeans: the bottom pair is a size 0, purchased five years ago, and the pants on top are a size 4 from the same store bought a few months ago.

“I will admit, when I went into American Eagle and realized I had gone up two sizes, I was a little disheartened. So, when I got home I compared my new jeans to my old ones and was just sickened when I discovered my new jeans were the same in size, if not slightly smaller, then the pair I had boughten five years ago,” Bodley wrote. “This made me wonder, how small has a size 0 actually gotten? The media makes young girls feel the smaller the number they wear, the more beautiful they are, and this is certainly NOT true.”

Bodley hopes the photo, which has received more than 37,000 shares and 24,000 reactions, will serve as reminder “that size is literally just a number” and “beauty is not defined by the size you wear.” She also urged readers to “find clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.”

The post has prompted many to share similar stories. One wrote, “As a 34D I went into Aeropostale to try on bikinis. Their medium was an extra small. I had to try on and XL bikini top to actually fit. It was so embarrassing. At Dillard I was a medium.” She continued, “The way companies are sizing their clothes is terrible. To feel that you have gone up TWO SIZES is absolutely heartbreaking, and then to find out the size you bought is the exact same as the smaller size you bought years before, I would call it nothing less than body shaming.”

As one former employee explained, it all comes down to jean fabric, not inconsistent sizing: “I worked for AE for awhile and it also depends on the stretch of the jean, a super stretch is going to fit better than jeans that are just regular denim too, plus you have all the denim X, sateen X, etc which can all play into a factor of the different size.”

The incident is reminiscent of one that occurred a year ago. On Facebook, Missy Rogers posted a photo of two pairs of shorts, both allegedly purchased from American Eagle. “The black pair is from two years ago and the maroon is from this year. The black is a size 4. The maroon is a size 10,” she wrote in her post, which received 78,000 shares.

After comparing both pairs of shorts, Rogers discovered that they had the same waist line and width, the only difference between the two being the hemline length and the dates she purportedly purchased them.

“We should feel confident in our own skin and in what we wear,” Rogers said. “With everyone aiming to reach the perfect body, we are missing the bigger picture. A size 2 is never going to be the same in every place or mean the same to every person. A specific size is not a number to describe your beauty, health, and body. It is literally just a number printed on a tag.”

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