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Woman makes a TikTok tarot card filter to predict users’ love lives

TikTokers all across the app are seeking out predictions for their 2023 love lives from a new tarot card filter.

Laura Gouillon (@lauragouillon) is an AR (augmented reality) creator with over 770,000 followers on TikTok. A week before Valentine’s Day, she posted a video showing off a new filter she made for the holiday. In the comments, Dabaozi (@qtowngirl) said, “Laura how about a filter that predicts my love life?”

That same day, Gouillon posted a video with her newest filter, “My Love Life Tarot,” and began the newest filter trend. The video of Gouillon debuting the filter has over 15 million views, while the filter has over 664,000 videos attached.

The filter uses just three tarot cards to predict users’ love lives for this year, telling them the “who,” “what” and “when.”

Users were quick to share the predictions they got in the comments under @martinthetexan’s video.

“My classmate will break up with me on my bday,” replied @cc.amazinglywillow.

“A stranger will give me flowers… when I die,” said @elaes_mu.

Not everyone’s predictions were terrible. Some people were pleasantly surprised with their results.

Gouillon’s filter is an interesting way to comment on TikTokers’ love lives, as several filters on the app can provide perspective in that area. For example, in late 2022, TikTok released the “Love Tester” filter, in which the person types their name and the name of the person they’re interested in on the screen. The filter then gives a percentage of how compatible the two are.

TikTokers can’t get enough of love filters, and even though Valentine’s Day has passed, Gouillon just made another fun way to talk about romantic options.

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