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Woman dazzles internet after finding man’s profile from a single photo: ‘This is kinda scary but impressive’

A woman who goes by the name of Kahn (@notkahnjunior) on TikTok impressed users with her ability to find out people’s personal information and share it.

Kahn has a series called “consensual doxxing,” in which she responds to comments from people with low social media presence asking her to find their birthday. It all started when she stitched a woman’s video asking viewers to guess her age. Instead of guessing, @notkahnjunior told the woman she’d find out through social media. From there, users began asking Kahn if she could find their birthday, turning the series viral.

She’s done over 45 of these videos, but her most recent really took TikTok by storm. Over 15 million people watched as she found the birthday of TikToker @jd867_5309, who only had a photo of his truck as a profile picture.

“Oh JD, you think that because your profile picture is a truck, that I won’t find you,” she said at the start of the video. “Well my nickname is the bus driver. Why? Because I’m about to take your ass to school.”

She then detailed how she went through the videos of people who followed him, looking for any information.

“One comment you made is the reason that I found out who you were,” she said.

Kahn took that comment, found the Instagram profile that matched and then cross-referenced names and photos on Facebook. She discovered his birthday — April 26, 1991 — and solved the mystery.

“This is kinda scary but impressive,” said @caffenaited_mermaidqueen.

“You scare me. Because every time I’m like ‘there’s no way she can do this.’ And you always do,” replied @nthegate.

While what Kahn does is consensual, her method shows how easy it is for information to end up in the wrong hands and for individuals to be doxxed. According to a study by, one in five Americans have been the target of doxxing. In the same study, revealed that just over one-third of doxxing cases are not reported to the authorities. It’s a common issue that routinely happens in silence.

Nevertheless, with TikTokers literally asking for this treatment, @notkahnjunior is just fulfilling requests and showing viewers how good her detective skills are.

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