Woman calls out girlfriend after discovering her ‘inconsiderate’ phone habits: ‘I’d be rethinking this relationship’

A woman is upset her girlfriend keeps taking calls during social events and dates.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum for help. Her girlfriend always answers her phone, even if it means making it awkward for friends and family. Every time the girlfriend is visiting friends or on dates, she’ll spend at least 45 minutes on the phone talking to someone else. The Reddit poster thinks the behavior is thoughtless — but her girlfriend disagrees.

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“My girlfriend does something I consider really rude,” the Reddit poster said. “Whenever someone calls when we go out, whether as a couple or to visit friends, she has to answer the phone and talk for long periods of time. We went to visit our friends (another couple), and one hour into our visit, her mom called, and she went into their bedroom without asking to continue talking on the phone.

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“She spent at least another 45 minutes on the phone while I sat and chatted with our friends. I thought this was super awkward. Afterward, I told my girlfriend, and she agreed not to do it again. I said it’s fine to answer and just say she’ll call back later, but having a full conversation in the middle of plans is rude.

“Again, she was at a family dinner and stepped away to answer a phone call from a friend,” the Reddit poster explained. “She went upstairs to the guest bedroom, and we could all hear her pacing down the hallway and laughing and talking loudly. This continued for 20 minutes before I text[ed] her saying my siblings were leaving to go home.

“She read it and said, OK, I’ll be down, just talking to Patty,’ and the pacing and talking continued. Half an hour later, she finally came downstairs. I told her again that she should just say she’ll call them back later when we’re out or have plans unless it’s an emergency. She called me a hard a** and said I’m being controlling and anal.”

People thought the girlfriend needed to reassess her priorities.

“Her behavior is incredibly inconsiderate,” a user wrote.

“It’s not controlling to want someone to show some manners in other people’s homes,” another said.

“I’d be rethinking this relationship!” someone replied.

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