Woman blown away by parents’ ‘unfair’ long-term financial demand: ‘Your parents are absolutely ridiculous’

A woman no longer wants to completely support her parents’ lives.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for help with the dilemma. After becoming a single mother she moved in with her parents. Soon after she started fully supporting them, paying for all of their expenses. But when she got married and decided to move out, her parents became furious.

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“When I was 20 years old I had a son and became a single mom,” she wrote. “My parents offered me to stay at their house and my mom could help with the baby. I was extremely grateful. I worked harder than ever; I paid half their rent, $200 for bills at first. After months of this arrangement, my dad lost his job. My mom didn’t work. I had a good job that was paying me well, so I took on all the expenses of the house while my dad found a new job.”

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“I’m talking full rent, groceries, utilities, tv, cellphones, gas, car insurance, even spending money for them. A year after ‘no luck finding a job,’ my parents tell me my dad will no longer be looking for a job since he is now old and tired. That I have been doing great at work and they see how I can support them, so we should now just keep doing this.”

“This went on for three years until one day I met this guy who is now my husband,” she explained. “After getting married my parents were expecting him to move in with us but sadly I didn’t want to. My husband and I talked and we agreed to get our own place, start our own family, our own lives and give my son a chance of a family.”

“When we told my parents they got super angry saying they have no way to support themselves and I already had agreed to support them. Basically, I was their retirement! I didn’t see a problem moving out since my parents are not THAT old, they are both 52.”

Redditors thought the parents were being absurd.

“Your parents are absolutely ridiculous. They are not old; they are absolutely taking unfair advantage of you,” someone wrote.

“They’re gaslighting you into paying for their lives,” another commented.

“Your dad can get a job. You don’t need their permission to live your life,” a user said.

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