Are your windshield wipers truly terrible?

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We've all been in a situation where it's raining or snowing and our windshield wipers just aren't cutting it. Fate always cruelly seems to determine that your wipers work perfectly across your whole windshield except for leaving a streaky mess directly in your line of sight. It's practically a universal law. Situations like that can be frustrating or even potentially dangerous. Luckily, when you're having streak issues, most of the time the solution is pretty simple; you might simply just need new wiper blades. 

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If you're in the market, Michelin Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blades are probably a good place to start your search. The 26" version of the blade is currently the best selling automotive replacement part on Amazon, but the blades come in most sizes from 16" to 28". According to the manufacturer, these blades feature a smart hinge joint to help the blade grip the windshield as well as a smart hinge cover to protect the blade from getting clogged up with snow and debris. Michelin goes on to say that "Independent tests show after 300,000 wipe cycles Michelin Stealth Ultra wipers outperform all industry competitors."

Amazon reviewer Amanda M had this to say in her 5 star review of the product:

"I bought these for my car after reading the reviews. Living in Seattle good wiper blades is a must. I have bought the name brand rainx blades they always seems to streak. I put these on my car and I have no issues with seeing out the window. No streaking nothing. I will be buying these again the next time I need blades."

If you think it's time for a windshield wiper replacement, you can check out these blades right here, ranging in price from $14.95 to $16.76, depending on the size of the blade.

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