'Wind River' Trailer: Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen Hunt a Killer in a Place Where 'You Survive or You Surrender'

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Take two Avengers, pair them with an Oscar-nominated screenwriter, and you get Wind River, the upcoming crime thriller starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen and directed by Sicario and Hell or High Water scribe Taylor Sheridan. Yahoo Movies premiered an exclusive scene from the film last month, and now an official theatrical trailer has arrived (watch it above). The new preview suggests it’ll be one of the most intense films of the summer.

In the clip, Renner’s US Fish and Wildlife agent finds a body out in a snowy patch of land on Wyoming’s Wind River Indian reservation, which compels the FBI to send out Olsen’s rookie detective to investigate. As suspected, she determines it’s a homicide, but figuring out who committed this crime is anything but simple, given the harsh landscape and even harsher residents in a barren corner where Graham Greene’s reservation sheriff puts little faith in waiting for backup: “This is the land of you’re on your own.”

When it debuted at this past May’s Cannes Film Festival, Variety’s Owen Gleiberman called Sheridan “a bristling entertainer with the soul of a noir poet,” and described Wind River as “a true neo-1970s movie, a thriller that’s willing to lope and dawdle to shed light upon the world it shows you.” The film arrives in theaters on August 4.

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