Will Levis explains the gross reason you do not want to come in last place in his fantasy league

Tennessee Titans quarterback Will Levis has a nasty last-place punishment in his fantasy football league. (AP Photo/George Walker IV)

A growing number of real-life NFL players take part in fantasy football and Tennessee Titans rookie Will Levis is no exception. As an experienced fantasy manager, Levis knows the most important rule about being in a fantasy league. No, it's not going with a zero-RB strategy — it's never finishing in last place.

Last-place fantasy punishments have gained steam in recent years thanks to social media. Punishments, like making a last-place manager eat as many waffles as possible so they could leave Waffle House sooner, are a good way to embarrass the one team that thought drafting Kyle Pitts would lead them to victory. It's also an effective way of preventing managers from checking out near the end of the season. It keeps the league active.

And if you happen to be a member of Levis' league, you're going to want to stay active, because the last-place punishment sounds gross.

If you finish in last place in Levis' league, you have to eat a whole pack of uncooked hotdogs and film it. Nothing about that sounds appealing.

So, you're asking, where is the video of a person consuming a whole pack of uncooked hotdogs as a fantasy punishment? Well, we have bad news for you. Levis said the fantasy manager did not deliver on that promise. That should be grounds for kicking that person out of the league, right? You have to pay up on your last-place punishment.

Now that Levis is in the NFL, he better hope he never finishes last in his league. Any public video of Levis doing an embarrassing fantasy punishment would be seen by at least thousands of people. There's a little more at stake for Levis now that he's on the biggest platform possible.

That shouldn't be a problem. Levis has never finished in last place during his 12-year fantasy career. That makes sense. If you're good at real football, you are probably good at drafting some talented players in fantasy.