Wife Gifts Lamborghini Huracan Evo To Her Husband

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But there’s a big catch…

We’re not on TikTok but we’ve heard it’s all the rage if you want to implant some spyware on your smartphone. Anyway, on the social media site there’s a car-related video which has gone viral. Apparently, a woman in Malaysia decided to share with the world the moment she surprised her husband with a new Lamborghini Huracan Evo. Understandably, many people are amazed and keep watching it to vicariously live some unfulfilled fantasy.

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The wife, Anes Ayuni Osman, is only 19 and her husband, Weldan Zulkefli, is just 20 – but that’s not the shocking part. Yeah, we’re wanting to know what their parents do that these two kids can afford a $650,000 Italian supercar, especially since they’re from Malaysia. Actually, the wife is some sort of cosmetics entrepreneur, or so we’re told, so apparently she just has all kinds of cash. But wait, there’s more to this story.

First off, this couple arrives to the dealership in a Lamborghini. Yes, they’re 19 and 20. Then the wife makes the husband put the mask he is wearing in the car over his eyes so he can’t see. Plus, the guy is wearing a designer murse. And the wife makes duck lips while posing for the camera. Just watching it requires a thorough washing of the eyes after.

This Lambo isn’t being gifted with zero strings attached, no. Osman says it’s offered with the understanding that after her scheduled C-section, her husband will be taking care of her and the baby nonstop for over three months.

Since her husband works mostly at night and sleeps during the daytime when Osman fears the baby will need him the most, she’s bribing him to pretty much put his own work aside. With the keys to the Huracan Evo in hand maybe he doesn’t need a job anymore. After all, his wife seems to be making plenty.

Because Zulkefli will be busy doting on his wife and child, he won’t be getting any time to drive that gifted Lamborghini for over three months. Sure, there will be time for that later, after he gets through all the items on the honey-do list we just know is going to be a mile long. But is a free supercar worth this level of control – we mean devotion? Doesn’t this woman have a mother or sister who can help out? What about the mother-in-law? Or is she just that annoying they wouldn’t dare subject themselves to her domineering? Maybe she should buy a Lamborghini for them.

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