Why You Need To Start Ordering Your Pizza Well-Done

Close-up of a well-done slice of pizza
Close-up of a well-done slice of pizza - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

When we think about well-done food, we often conjure images of the culinary-crime of well-done steaks and salmon filets. We rarely think about pizza, but we should start. It's one of the few foods that benefits from cooking a little longer, and ordering it this way ensures that your next slice of pizza will be the best slice yet.

But why is ordering your pizza well-done one of the top pizza-ordering hacks you need to start using? Well, first of all, well-done pizzas have the best crusts. They're crispy, charred, and blistered to perfection, and there's nothing more satisfying than that first bite, where the crispness of the dough leads to a comforting chewiness. Then, the cheese melts evenly over the entire pizza, oozing at the core with brown spots on top.

Peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms, and other toppings also have extra flavor thanks to being charred, and the onions are beautifully caramelized. Additionally, flavors develop and get deeper and richer when pizzas spend more time baking in the oven. So, if crispy, well-structured, and flavorful pizzas are your jam, ask the pizzeria to bake your next pizza until it's well-done. Yes, this means the pizza will spend more time in the oven; however, it will be worth it!

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How To Order Well-Done Pizza

A well-done mini-pizza
A well-done mini-pizza - Petr Kazilek/Getty Images

These days, you can choose the well-done versus the normal-bake option for your pizza online when ordering from chains like Domino's and Papa John's. And with Pizza Hut, you can request that a pizza be well-done by entering a note or comment. But let's say you order a take-out or delivery pizza, and it's a mushy mess by the time it reaches you. What do you do then? If this happens, try popping the pizza into the oven to reheat it and crisp up the crust. Or, put it under the broiler for a few minutes to melt the cheese and char the toppings and crust.

There are also pizzerias where you can order uncooked pizza, so you can cook it to your own liking at home. For instance, if you're in the Seattle area craving Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, you can purchase boxes of frozen, uncooked pizza from Delfino's Chicago Style Pizza. We often do this when we're in the area. Once at home, we fire up the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and bake the pizza until it's golden brown and well-done. So, while we still turn our noses up at well-done steaks and salmon, we will always consider ordering pizza well-done a win.

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