Why It's Sometimes A Mistake To Bake The Entire Can Of Biscuits

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Whether you're making biscuits and gravy, topping a pot pie, or just slathering them with butter and jam to enjoy hot from the oven, biscuits from a can are your best friend for baking speed and convenience. Without needing to fuss with measuring and mixing, you can get a comforting warm biscuit in mere minutes. But considering that leftover biscuits will become stale quickly and reheating them properly takes almost as much time as the initial bake, baking the whole can at once might be one of the mistakes you're making with biscuits.

It's certainly no crime if you want to eat all eight biscuits when they're fresh and warm, but if you'd prefer to save some for later, your best bet is to freeze the extra unbaked biscuits for later. Well wrapped, they'll wait in the freezer for several weeks until you want them, and you don't even need to thaw the dough before baking. You could pop an individual frozen piece of dough in your toaster oven and enjoy a breakfast biscuit without needing to wrap up the leftovers.

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Freezing And Baking Your Saved Dough

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To freeze the extra biscuits, separate them into individual unbaked dough portions and place them slightly apart on a flat tray or plate lined with plastic wrap or parchment paper, then cover tightly with plastic wrap and freeze for several hours until they are firm. This way you can easily grab exactly the number of biscuits you want to cook. You can either leave them on the tray or transfer them to a zip-top bag at this point, whichever is easier for your freezer storage. A tip for later: Write the suggested baking time and temperature from the can on your storage bag with a marker so you'll remember when you're ready to bake.

When it's time to bake, simply preheat the oven to the correct temperature and bake the frozen biscuits as the package directed. They might take up to five extra minutes but check on them at the time listed on the package to be sure. The dough lasts about three months in the freezer, but with such convenient access to a fresh biscuit, we'll bet they'll go much faster!

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