Why Momentom Collective Is 2021's Top Investment Opportunity For Artists, Creative Entrepreneurs, And Digital Nomads

Momentom Collective is trailblazing what the future of communities will look like. Founded on the basis of radical art, sustainability, mindfulness, and self-expression, the innovative organization has recently introduced a plan for permanent residencies into its model, with plans of designing the world’s top community for creatives and healers.

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Momentom Collective has pushed the boundaries of traditional life for over five years. Nomadic in their own rights, their ethos is inspired by circus culture, yogic philosophy- and community living. As a collective, they create “alternate realities” where people from all over the world come to co-live, co-train and co-create.

What you get is an inspiring space where visionaries come to get their creative energies ignited and to speak on finding creative solutions to planetary problems. It's truly revolutionary.

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The collective provides an alternative way of living they call Artist Residencies. There, creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs embark for one month journeys to live and train as a community in dream-like spaces around the world. Still quite underground, those who know about them know- and return every year as a part of a “reset” to stay on track as they accomplish their personal visions and dreams.

People are choosing to see it as an investment into their physical, creative, and mental wellbeing much like investing in University for practical education.

Residency programs are created to master habits that shape the mind, body, spirit and the way we explore relate to others. The residency curriculum has a proven equation of workshops that dive into introspection, self-expression, and community building.

The curious premium of the residency is the opportunities for residents to dive into shadow work and intense peak states. In every residency you can find plant medicine ceremonies or holotropic breathwork along with some of the best ecstatic dances you can imagine, all included in the program.

Currently, Momentom Collective offers six nomadic residencies in Indonesia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and two locations in Nicaragua. Every residency specializes in different fields of art while keeping its signature program. For example:

  • Indonesia - Aerial Arts, Mermaiding, and Tantra

  • Guatemala - Contact Dance, Mayan Astrology, and Kirtan

  • Nicaragua - Music Production and Sound Healing

  • Circus Island - Professional Choreography, Performance and Social Circus

  • Costa Rica - Alternative Arts, Sustainable Living, and Permaculture Design

  • Portugal (new!) - Balance Arts & VR including Highline, Slackline, Acroyoga, and Handstands

Most recently, Momentom Collective has decided to secure a permanent location in Costa Rica While the nomadic lifestyle has been worldclass, they have decided to ground down and apply the lessons of their travels into one space they can design and call home.

In a conversation with co-founder Gabrielle Bonneville (@gaby_boop), she shares more on her journey with Momentom Collective, what inspired it, and what the expansion plans look like in the next five years for this transformative organization and how to get involved..

In your own words, what is Momentom Collective?

Momentom, in its essence. is a group of people coming together to live in a more congruent way and using art as a catalyst for evolution. We use the energy of art to find solutions to the problems that we are facing on a planetary scale - knowing full well that creativity is the engine for all problem solving because it allows us to see way outside the box. We like to create space conducive for new boxes to be created and safe space to imagine outside the norm.

How has the pandemic shifted your work at Momentom Collective?

The pandemic shook everything. It shifted collective priorities. It made us ask - what is truly important? We decided that it boils down to sustainability. All of our experiences now bring in permaculture and autonomous, sustainable living.

What does it look like when someone applies to join Momentom Collective?

We have an application process. We like to find a balance between creative entrepreneurs, healers, musicians, and movement artists. For us, that’s the greatest ecosystem to balance out a holistic whole. We make sure that we have enough of those four.

Do you need to be an “artist” to join Momentom Collective?

Truth is, everyone is an artist really, it's just that not everyone knows how to ignite their creative energy. Creative energy is in everything and fuels everything. So we teach that and build spaces that help in finding flow consciousness - for everyone to get into that “zone” where time stops and everything begins. Creative inspiration is contagious!

What does your daily routine look like?

In the mornings, we calibrate our minds with various forms of meditation or sound/breathwork. That is followed by yoga to find synchronicity in breath, movement, and mind.

Mid-morning, we step into movement arts, whether it's dance, aerials, sacred clowning, slackline, acrobatics. Movement allows you to explore your body and move energy. We take care of our engine.

In the afternoons, we dive into professional development or the specialty of the residency, be it permaculture, music production, choreography development, tantra, or entrepreneurship.

What is the outcome of this training?

We are training to become the strongest versions of ourselves. Truth is, we are the culmination of our habits. When you do something every day, it becomes a habit. When you start doing things without thinking about it, then you have become them. Habits allow you to become the person you want to be. Our spaces allow you to explore the best way to channel your higher self, through habits, and become an inspiration for yourself.

With this new land in Costa Rica, how do you plan to structure the permanent location?

A home base is our prime focus. Our community is ready for it. We are ready to build something from scratch with hyper consciousness. A space designed for artists by artists.

Our goal is to acquire 12 hectares of land within an existing development project in Costa Rica and take care of everything related to arts, healing, and performances. Think music studios, movement spaces, high lines over waterfalls, play spaces, sacred geometric ceremony spaces. This will be a space designed for artists by artists. It's a space for people who want to dive into their art, and help create a living altar within nature.

We will have a residential component for investors who are looking for a home base and another more commercial endeavour where we will open up to angel investors who are looking to have a home AND develop a business.

We will accept only 30 residentials investments, all of which will have access to our architectural team to help design their home with their arts in mind. All home investors will have access to collective spaces. While angel investors will enjoy developing a business venture for retreats, residencies and ceremonies.

Together, we can use our radical minds to build from scratch the best community spaces for the best quality of life and transformative events.