Why Emma Stone Calls Her Favorite McDonald's Order 'So Depressing'

Emma Stone smiling
Emma Stone smiling - Karwai Tang / Getty Images

From Michael Jordan to Mariah Carey, McDonald's has created celebrity meals for some of the world's biggest stars. Fans of actress Emma Stone, however, probably shouldn't hold their breath, as she likely won't be teaming up with the Golden Arches any time soon — and not because she doesn't enjoy some of the restaurant's famous grub.

While filming an "Agree to Disagree" segment for LADbible TV, Stone's "Poor Things" co-star Mark Ruffalo reminded her that he frequently picked up McDonald's for her while they filmed the 2023 box-office hit in Hungary. The reason the Academy Award winner might not be at the top of McDonald's list for its next celebrity team-up is because her go-to order is a little, well, sad — and that's by her own admission. The star called her go-to Mickey D's order "so depressing" during the interview and even agreed with Ruffalo that she "eats like a 12-year-old."

"It's two cheeseburgers, but I get it without the cheese or any condiments," Stone admitted through bursts of laughter. "It's just the meat and the bun, the fries, a Dr. Pepper or a Coke, depending on the day, and then a McFlurry," she added.

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Emma Stone Is In The Minority With Her Burger Preferences

Plain hamburger on brown paper
Plain hamburger on brown paper - Lauripatterson / Getty Images

While Emma Stone is one of several celebrities who love McDonald's just as much as the rest of us, it seems that there aren't too many others (in Hollywood or otherwise) who order their burgers in the same fashion as the "Cruella" star. According to a 2020 YouGov survey, only 2% of Americans go topping-less like Stone when they order a burger.

The actress didn't explain why she prefers just the basics on her Mickey D's hamburgers (though considering that Stone's go-to Starbucks order is a simple drip coffee with steamed coconut milk, it's not entirely surprising that she keeps her order plain and simple). During their joint LADbible TV interview, however, both Stone and Mark Ruffalo raved about how good McDonald's is in Hungary, particularly because of its freshness. "They have to kill the animal within, like, 10 miles of the McDonald's, so it's super fresh," Ruffalo said, though the truth of this statement is unconfirmed.

Still, even without any burger toppings, including the dehydrated onions that TikTok can't get enough of, we'd be hard-pressed to call Stone's favorite McDonald's order depressing. After all, she does cap the meal off with a tasty McFlurry.

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