Why Eggs Should Be The Last Ingredient You Make For A Breakfast Burrito

breakfast burrito with salsa avocado
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The breakfast burrito is a supremely satisfying comfort food staple and an all-day favorite. Savory, portable, and loaded with tasty ingredients that include everything from spicy breakfast sausage, potatoes, and buttery scrambled eggs, to smashed avocado. The stuffed tortilla dish encourages creativity and is an easy way to transform your leftover ingredients into a hearty handheld breakfast. First showing up on a menu with the name breakfast burrito in New Mexico in the '70s at Tia Sophia's, the dish has spawned leagues of delicious restaurant and at-home versions throughout the decades.

Making the ideal breakfast burrito requires intention. The key to a perfect at-home breakfast burrito not only calls for a variety of flavorful fillings but has everything to do with the timing of preparing them. And while it may be tempting to start by making your creamy scrambled eggs -- which are central to a great breakfast burrito -- you should save your egg preparation for last. That's right, put that spatula down until after you've finished the rest of your filling, so that your eggs are as hot and fresh as possible when you add them, resulting in a burrito that's as delicious as they come.

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The Best Time To Scramble Eggs For Your Burrito

person scrambling eggs on stove
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Proper timing for the preparation of your breakfast burrito ingredients is paramount. So whether your burrito features bacon and sausage, or you're going full veggie-lover with it, it's important to wait until the rest of your fillings are ready before turning your attention to your eggs. Eggs typically become tough and rubbery while they cool, so if you prepare them too early, you risk a dry, unappetizing batch of eggs inside your burrito.

When it's time to cook your eggs, do so as usual, using a non-stick pan and silicone spatula to scramble so they become fluffy. Keep in mind that it's important to keep your heat low, to get a soft, creamy texture. When they are about halfway done cooking, turn off your heat, as they will continue cooking in the pan. And if you're a cheese-lover, there's no need to wait to add that shredded cheddar or jack to your burrito, go ahead and add it directly to your scrambled eggs just after you've removed them from the stove for a cheesy, melty addition that will elevate your burrito.

Folding Your Breakfast Burrito

stack of flour tortillas
stack of flour tortillas - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Another important consideration when crafting a breakfast burrito is getting your tortilla fold just right. (After all, it's what holds everything together.) Flour tortillas are best for breakfast burritos, as they provide the right size, texture, and malleability to wrap chunky fillings. But you'll want to warm your tortillas before filling them so that they are stretchy enough for tight folding. To do this quickly and easily, use your microwave. Heat your tortillas (no more than four or five at a time) covered with a slightly damp paper towel in 30-second intervals until warmed thoroughly. The steam will heat your tortillas without overcooking. Then, you're ready to fill and fold.

Intimidated by the delicate art of folding the perfect burrito? Don't be -- with a few easy steps, you can achieve a well-folded wrap that will ensure your fillings stay put. You'll want to place your fillings down the center in a line that's no more than a few inches wide. Then, simply fold the sides inward about two inches, then tuck and roll tightly, starting with your bottom side, until your burrito's seam is on the bottom. And voila, you've just made breakfast burrito magic.

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