Why Does Kim Kardashian Seemingly Have a Military Tank in Her Garage?

NBC/Getty Images

Um, is anyone else seeing the military tank in the background of these pictures Kim Kardashian posted to Instagram? Is she planning a ground invasion of Beverly Hills? Is she renting her garage to the Pentagon for storage space? What is going on?

On March 14, Kardashian posted two throwback pics of her son Saint, who is shown leaning against a brown leather couch in a garage—in front of a giant tank. “When my baby was a baby,” she wrote in the caption, neglecting to mention the conspicuous armored fighting vehicle parked right behind him. The kid is very cute, but just…the tank.

Commenters also wanted to know: “Is that a fucking TANK?!” and, “Sis…we just gonna ignore what’s behind him?” and, “Why do they need a tank? Are they expecting an attack?” In general, Kardashian's followers were quick to assume that her baby boy was not really the intended focus of this post. “Lmfao you didn’t post this to show your son, get real,” wrote one. “We know this wasn’t about Saint,” wrote another.

I'm really starting to wonder what else Kim Kardashian could be keeping in her garage. Just a week or so earlier, she got major backlash after posting a picture of her Cybertruck parked in front of her private jet. “There’s people dying, Kim,” one commenter wrote under that post. Which I guess could be one reason for buying your own tank.

But if she posts a picture with her own submarine or aircraft carrier next, I think I'm gonna have to call the FBI.

Originally Appeared on Glamour