Woman on TikTok asks friends why they love their current partner, contrasting dating standards: 'Ladies, y'all deserve better'

A woman asked her guy friends for the reasons they’re with their current partners to turn their responses into ironic “inspirational quotes” — the results ended up highlighting the stark differences between women’s and men’s dating standards.

TikToker Whitney shared the following clip to reveal her male friends’ answers. Her TikTok uses Joji’s song, “Glimpse of Us,” as the background sound.

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Highlights include:

  • “She’s hot. And she does my laundry.”

  • “Uh idk we connect really well.”

  • “Umm.. I took her home one night and she never really left. LOL.”

“The bar is so low,” Whitney wrote in the caption.

Viewers found Whitney’s video idea hilarious. The juxtaposition of the inspirational photo editing with the subpar quotes highlighted the difference between women’s and men’s dating standards and communication skills.

“It’s like asking kindergarteners why they love their parents,” a TikToker joked.

“If someone said ‘she’s hot and she does my laundry’ as their reason for dating me, I would go to war,” another said.

“I love how outside of being hot, it’s nothing about the girls themselves, it’s what they do for the guys,” one person noted.

A TikToker also challenged Whitney to ask her friends’ girlfriends the same question, and she delivered. The difference in quality within the girlfriends’ responses was jarring — Whitney noted that each girlfriend’s quote comes up in the same order as their boyfriend’s in the last video.

The women’s answers included:

  • “He’s a great listener. He always makes me smile. We have the same life goals and challenge each other to achieve them. He’s just a fun positive guy to be around & I feel really lucky.”

  • “I didn’t like him at first, but then I realized how compatible we were. He makes every thing in life more enjoyable.”

  • “His butt. JK. He’s easy to love. He’s taught me what really matters, and he has a big heart. I can see him being a great husband and dad one day.”

TikTok users were saddened as they compared the women’s answers to their boyfriends’.

“The DIFFERENCE. The bar is absolutely on the floor,” a TikToker said. “Ladies, y’all deserve better, omg.”

“Well, this was soul-crushing to read after the first one,” someone else wrote.

“I really hope this is just bc the guys didn’t feel comfortable opening up. Otherwise, holy hell,” another chimed in.

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