Why Costco Shoppers Have Issues With Realgood Brand Burritos

realgood burritos
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When it comes to quick and easy dinners, Realgood has a number of products that promise flavor and convenience, such as pulled pork and boneless chicken bites. One of the microwave meals it promotes is refrigerated burritos. In December, the food company announced the Chicken & Pepper Jack Cheese Burrito as a competitor to other microwavable burrito brands like El Monterey as well as Tex-Mex fast food like Taco Bell. Realgood's burrito boasted 37 grams of protein with the company advertising it as a low-carb grab-and-grow meal.

After testing the product in select locations, Realgood rolled out the burrito (no pun intended) at grocery stores like Walmart and Costco. If the company expected a flood of glowing reviews from consumers, then it may want to head back to its test kitchens. While Kroger has a glowing five stars for the product, there are currently only two reviews for the burrito. A look at Reddit offers a bigger sample of shopper sentiments, and it's a bit scathing.

Some Costco shoppers appear to be unhappy with the burritos, and they're taking to social media to warn others against purchasing. For instance, one person wrote, "Mine were flavorless chicken with watery cheese. Utter trash." Another hated the product so much that they ended up throwing out the rest of their burritos. The consistency seems to be an issue with one writing, "It seemed like it was shredded chicken and the flavor was not good."

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The Latest In A Long Line Of Realgood Products

realgood burritos package
realgood burritos package - Realgood

It wasn't just the issue with the texture of the chicken, which one person compared to scrambled eggs, but several Costco shoppers reported a problem with consistency from burrito to burrito. For instance, one disappointed Redditor found a mountain of cheese and little else. While many love cheese, this customer's alleged account goes against the reported 37 grams of protein per serving. However, another burrito may have had too much protein for their liking. The user wrote, "I was buying these months ago and it was ALL cheese. My last 2 purchases have been literally 95% chicken. Definitely a quality control issue."

Another customer agreed that the burritos are "a bit inconsistent," adding, "I don't think it's all cheese just the chicken is chunkier in some and more shredded in others." As with any social media platform, you'll have some netizens taking potshots with a few users comparing the quality of the chicken to the company's name Realgood. They suggested the company should change its moniker. This is hardly the first time that the brand has become a source of controversy for shoppers, with many warning shoppers away from Realgood products. For instance, someone described the enchiladas as rubbery and chicken tenders as flavorless among other complaints. However, not everyone necessarily hates the burritos. One person described the best way to consume them: "They're decent with [T]aco [B]ell hot sauce."

How To Return The Burritos

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Some shoppers such as the one mentioned above chose to toss their burritos in the trash rather than consume them. However, you can always return the burritos if you purchased them and aren't happy with the quality of the meal. Since Realgood burritos are available in several different grocery chains, including Costco, Walmart, and Kroger, you'll need to know their return policies.

For instance, you can return food items to Walmart up to 90 days after purchase. However, there are certain provisions to the store's return policy. Realgood's burritos and other products fall under the chain's Fresh Guarantee Policy. Customers can return any perishable item (with certain exceptions to this rule) that they're unhappy with. However, they must claim the return before the item's best-by date is up. Additionally, you should have your receipt and government ID for return. Be mindful of your burritos' sell-by date when deciding to return them.

As far as Costco, where most customers seem to take umbrage with the meal, you can return any unopened item in a 90-day window. However, the chain accepts opened or partially eaten perishable items as well. A burrito with a few bites might qualify for a refund, but if you ate half a burrito before experiencing buyer's remorse, then you may be out of luck. Generally, you must return 50% or more of a food item to get your money back. As for Kroger, it has a 30-day return policy.

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