As Whoopi Goldberg's “View” Co-Hosts Guess She Has 'Experience' amid Polyamory Chat, She Nods, 'I'm Good Like That'

The EGOT winner discussed non-monogamy with Joy Behar, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin on Tuesday's episode of 'The View'

The hosts of The View share pretty similar views about ethical non-monogamy.

The co-anchors discussed New York magazine’s cover story about polyamory on Tuesday’s episode, with Whoopi Goldberg asking fellow co-hosts Joy Behar, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin if they would consider opening up their relationships.

“First of all, the French could not pull it off, they can’t even…” Behar, 81, responded. “In this country, we’re too puritanical in this country. I mean, Janet Jackson’s boob popped out and the country went bananas. So how are they supposed to go to bed … how many orgasms can one girl fake?”

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Haines, 46, chimed in that she could “barely handle one.”

Hostin, 55, deduced that people in polyamorous relationships “are more evolved than I am.”

“I’m more cave woman in my relationship,” said Hostin, who married orthopedist Emmanuel Hostin in 1998. “It’s like, ‘You are mine.’ Like that’s more me. But what I don’t understand is like, some of these people are married, have children and have jobs. How do you have the time to do that with let alone one man, several men or women? They are not only more evolved than I am, they have more energy.”

<p>Dia Dipasupil/Getty</p> Sunny and Emmanuel Hostin

Dia Dipasupil/Getty

Sunny and Emmanuel Hostin

Griffin, who has been married to husband Justin Griffin since November 2021, shared a similar sentiment.

“I barely have time for date night,” the 34-year-old said. “Personally to me, like why not just be single? And maybe that’s a lack of my understanding, but if you’re saying, ‘I care about this person, but I also want to sleep with a lot of other people,’ why wouldn’t you just date around?”

Behar, who married long-time boyfriend Steve Janowitz in 2011, pointed out, “There’s more to marriage than sex, obviously. In fact, where’s the sex these days?”

Griffin also suspected that not everyone in a polyamorous relationship felt fully comfortable with the arrangement.

“There is no way one of the two parties in a polyamorous relationship isn’t actually jealous of the other one sleeping with someone else,” she said. “They’re pretending. They know they have to do it to keep their relationship alive. I just don’t think humans are wired that way.”

Haines, who tied the knot with lawyer Max Shifrin in 2014, admitted she’d be “too jealous” to be in a non-monogamous relationship. But Goldberg encouraged her co-hosts to open their minds.

<p>Jamie McCarthy/WireImage</p> Max Shifrin and Sara Haines

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Max Shifrin and Sara Haines

“You guys have to widen your arena of people that you know,” the Sister Act star said. “’Cause it’s not just sleepy little towns. Listen, if you can do more than one thing at a time, you can have a polyamorous relationship. OK? If you can chew gum and walk, you can do more than one person.”

Hostin suggested to Goldberg that it seemed like “you’re speaking from experience.”

“If I seem like that, it’s because I’m good like that,” Goldberg replied.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Whoopi Goldberg
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Whoopi Goldberg

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Goldberg previously expressed her satisfaction with living the single life. “People keep saying ‘Well, you’ll find somebody,’“ the EGOT winner told Tamron Hall in 2019. “I’m not looking for anyone. I am very happy. I don’t want to live with anybody.”

Goldberg added that after three marriages, she didn’t want to make a commitment to another person.

“When you make a commitment to someone else, it’s a commitment to ask their opinion and listen and work it out with them,” she said. “I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to share money. I know it’s terrible, but I don’t want to do it.”

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