Whoopi Goldberg and Her Co-Hosts on “The View” Defend Not Using Gloves for Her Thanksgiving Turkey

Goldberg clapped back at followers who critiqued her kitchen habits

<p>Whoopi Goldberg Instagram</p> Whoopi Goldberg cooking her Thanksgiving turkey

Whoopi Goldberg Instagram

Whoopi Goldberg cooking her Thanksgiving turkey

Whoopi Goldberg is doubling down on her kitchen habits.

On Monday’s episode of The View, Goldberg spoke to her fellow co-hosts about making her mother’s turkey recipe while in Italy on Thanksgiving. Goldberg, who documented the whole process on Instagram, was critiqued by some followers, saying that she and her co-chef should have worn gloves when stuffing the bird.

“You know I never do this, and people lost their minds,” Goldberg said on The View, referencing her documenting the cooking process on Instagram.

“My friend, Salvo, you have to stuff the turkey, and he was stuffing the turkey with his hands. He’s Italian. That’s what we do. Baby, you would have thought that he had done something sexual with this thing,” she continued.

Goldberg then addressed “the people who had a problem” with their cooking method.

“Look, I wash my hands at my house. We all wash our hands at our house. I don’t know what kind of family y’all come from,” she said.

Some of her co-hosts chimed in, saying they never wear gloves in the kitchen. Ana Navarro added a hilarious comment to lighten the mood. “They’re stuffing the turkey. They’re not giving her a gynecological exam,” she joked.

On Thanksgiving, Goldberg shared her elaborate turkey-making process, which took nine hours.

In the Instagram video, Goldberg said she stays up all night for the lengthy cooking process. “This is the way my mom did it when I was little, so I would wake up to the house smelling like turkey,” she said.

On Thursday, Goldberg shared another video featuring the nearly finished turkey.

“I’m in Italy and the turkey is just about ready. Happy Thanksgiving!” she captioned the post.

In the clip, she also shared the bird’s hilarious name. “Her name is Miss D. Licious,” she quipped before giving the stuffing inside a taste test.

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<p>Whoopi Goldberg Instagram</p> Whoopi Goldberg Thanksgiving turkey

Whoopi Goldberg Instagram

Whoopi Goldberg Thanksgiving turkey

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“I’m bringing Thanksgiving to Italy,” she said after taking a satisfying bite. “This is good.”

Clearly her hours-long work paid off.

“She was in all night. Everybody in the house basted her. We’ll put her in for another half hour before we eat and then we’ll have a good time,” she concluded.

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