Will Whole Foods Be Open On Easter Sunday 2024?

Whole Foods Market cart with flowers
Whole Foods Market cart with flowers - Whole Foods Market / Facebook

As Easter Sunday approaches, most Whole Foods Market stores across the nation are gearing up to welcome shoppers. The decision to remain open on Easter reflects the brand's longstanding commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers while accommodating those who may need to grab last-minute Easter essentials. If you're planning to stop by your local Whole Foods on Sunday, March 31, check for potentially modified hours on the company's official website or call the store directly to ask an associate.

In addition to Easter, many Whole Foods stores close earlier than normal on a few other major holidays, namely Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day. According to the company's website, Christmas Day is the only day of the year when no Whole Foods locations are open. Whether you're planning on rustling up recipes for a perfect Easter dinner or hosting a festive brunch with friends, Whole Foods Market has your back to ensure Easter Sunday 2024 is a memorable and delicious occasion.

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Yes, You Can Shop For Your Easter Menu The Day Of

Easter meal
Easter meal - Tatjana Baibakova/Shutterstock

For those looking to prepare a homemade Easter feast, Whole Foods Market offers various high-quality seasonal products. Spring heralds the arrival of vibrant produce, making it the perfect time to incorporate a rainbow of fruits and vegetables into your dishes. Whether you opt for a traditional Easter ham or another centerpiece, Whole Foods carries a selection of premium meats to suit every taste. Not much of a ham connoisseur? Feel free to try proteins such as roast lamb for a delectable main course.

Any Easter spread can be instantly elevated with artisanal cheeses and eggs from the dairy and refrigerated sections. And, of course, no Easter celebration is complete without a selection of treats like candy for the baskets and fresh bakery pastries. If you're adamant about baking from scratch, gather the ingredients to rustle up a batch of hot cross buns, an Easter classic. As a reflection of its devotion to the communities it serves, Whole Foods is one of many grocers that will remain open on Sunday, March 31, 2024 — just in time for the Easter Bunny to arrive.

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