Whitney Cummings confirms interracial plotline in 'Roseanne' reboot

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Comedian and actress Whitney Cummings stopped by Watch What Happens Live, where she confirmed new details about the upcoming Roseanne reboot. A curious fan asked her which of the original characters has changed the most.

The Roseanne character that’s changed the most,” pondered Cummings. “I mean, I think DJ? Last time we saw him he was like, 6?”

News about D.J. Conner being the father of a biracial girl recently surfaced. However, fans weren’t sure whether his child was adopted or whether he is married to a black woman — until now, when Cummings revealed: “Remember the episode where he wouldn’t kiss the black girl in the school play? He’s now married to her. So, that’s kind of like a 180.”

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Another curious fan called the show to ask Cummings what she thought about the original final season of Roseanne. The producer/showrunner replied, “Okay, so, final season of Roseanne: We’re kind of sort of ignoring the final season, cause no one doesn’t want to have John Goodman on the show. So, you know, he did die in the original, so we’re having him come back, and we’re sort of bringing it in kind of a clever way.”

Roseanne  will return to TV when the reboot premieres March 27 on ABC — and fans are totally excited that when it does, they’ll have their beloved Conner family patriarch, John Goodman, back.

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