Whisk In Bourbon To Amp Up Your Favorite Store-Bought BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce in dish with brush
BBQ sauce in dish with brush - Kasia2003/Getty Images

Just because a product has come packaged doesn't mean you have to settle for the taste. Take BBQ sauce, for example. That store-bought bottle sitting on the shelf can be quickly upgraded with a splash of bourbon. Even one spoonful of spirits can build depth and bring complexity to an average sauce. After whisking the two ingredients together, you can adjust for taste by adding more should your palate call for more punch.

The bourbon you choose to dress up your BBQ sauce with can be complemented by a variety of other ingredients. Vanilla-tasting notes can shine with an added dusting of brown sugar, while smoky bourbons sing with sprinkles of red pepper flakes, crumbles of crispy bacon, roasted garlic, or shavings of caramelized onions. After you've perfected the sauce to your liking, you can store it in your fridge for two weeks for easy, convenient inclusion into your favorite backyard and grill-inspired recipes.

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A Sauce You May Not Want To Put Down

BBQ sauce on grill
BBQ sauce on grill - Nwphotoguy/Getty Images

Whether you serve this alcohol-enhanced BBQ sauce hot after simmering gently over low heat or use it to slather chicken wings meant for the grill, your boozy condiment is intended for mature palates. If you're cooking food items covered in bourbon-embellished BBQ sauce and are worried about packing too much of an alcoholic wallop into your meal, remember that the alcohol from the bourbon will cook out. Instead of a mouthful of bourbon, your dishes will offer a pleasant taste that delivers subtle, tangy notes of flavor.

After trying this easy hack, the mouthwatering result may inspire you to include this quick upgrade into your next BBQ mushroom sandwiches, apple cider pulled pork recipes, and even a hot plate of home fries. We wouldn't blame you if you brought this sauce to the breakfast table to dress up a plate of over-easy eggs. Who knew a basic bottle of BBQ sauce picked up from the store could be so exciting?

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