Where To Stay In Ibiza If You Want To Escape The Party Scene Altogether

atzaro agroturismo hotel
There's An Ibiza For The Zen Crowd TooCourtesy of Atzaro - Hearst Owned

Harder, better, faster, stronger...Ibiza's legendary nightlife scene is experiencing a post-pandemic return to form. And yet, for all the column inches spent chronicling A-list headliners and reporting on the fans who've worn themselves out with sweaty two-stepping in cavernous super-clubs, there's another, perhaps quieter trend wending its way into popular consciousness.

With hybrid working giving us newfound balance, lockdown refocussing our minds on the value of time with loved ones and wellness taking pole position on our list of priorities, we're making our precious holiday time work harder to enrich our lives. For many, escapism is no longer a vacation's only currency. Whether it's the acquisition of a new skill, a yoga retreat to unlock zen, or relationships counselling for lasting marriage, a lot of us want time spent abroad to have lasting consequences upon the return. With prestigious places like Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel leading the way, there's an Ibiza for the zen crowd too.

atzaro agroturismo hotel
Courtesy of Atzaro

For those looking to completely escape the fray, Ibiza is excellently set up to deliver you to brilliant, unrivalled peace. But not only that, the opportunity to learn about the Island's rich history, the work being done to preserve a delicate ecosystem, to sample world-class cuisine, all the while indulging in such physical pursuits as hiking, swimming, pilates, yoga, meditation and so on. And in locations that give as much back to the environment as they use.

Ibiza's agroturismos welcome you stay in the island's farmlands. And many of the island's original fincas or country estates have been repurposed in this way - still producing whichever crop originally sustained them, but building on the business of Ibiza's healthy tourism industry.

There are many on the island, but if you asked us to name a favourite, there's one name at the top of the list. Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel is Ibiza's elegant diamond. Nestled inland, north of Santa Eulària and at the foothills of the mountain it was named after, this hotel is a wonderland of delights, if you're lucky enough both to find it and to book one of its coveted places. At its core, Atzaró is a sprawling, 13 hectare orange farm and, indeed, its orange trees still supply fruit to restaurants and shops across the breadth of the island. But much more than this, its cloistered environs play host to one of the most luxurious hotels in the region.

Hearst Owned

Zen Also Has An In-Crowd

From Kate Moss and Charlotte Tilbury languishing on the spa courtyard's day beds and Chiara Ferragni booking mini-breaks with husband Fedez, to fashion scion Paola Fendi hosting part of her nuptials there in 2021, Atzaró is a favourite among the style set. Part of the reason why it can be so hard to land a booking. It's where the in-crowd come to recuperate, whether they're recovering from a few days sampling the bars and clubs, or whether just from the stresses of life at home. The privacy of its location, the relaxed but exclusive vibe, the enormously appealing spa garden and the various pursuits on offer like nature walking, e-biking and laps in the fresh-water pool, make it perfectly set up for healthy self-discovery, meditation and reconnection with loved ones.

Sustainability To The Core

For 2023, the hotel's sustainability credentials have been pushed more resolutely to the fore, with a respect for the surrounding landscape woven through all parts of the experience. The hotel aims to be as self-sufficient as it possibly can, bottling their own (filtered) well-water to furnish the bedrooms, hauling in 200 solar panels to power the whole enterprise and using the vast Atzaró vegetable gardens, full of enormous artichokes and rainbow chard, to form the basis for their menus.

Special note: chef extraordinaire Ottolenghi will be gracing Atzaró on August 12, creating an exclusive dinner that will be open for members of the public to purchase tickets. So even if you don't nab a spot in the hotel, you might still get to live the experience.

The hotel even creates all of their own spa products, made painstakingly from natural ingredients grown in the grounds of the estate.

atzaro agroturismo hotel
Courtesy of Atzaro

The Power To Choose

Depending on whether you plan to leave the kids at home or not, the hotel caters for three sorts of guest. For the first, a family-focussed area complete with large splash pool, a giant outdoor cinema and even some resident sheep makes travelling with the little ones fun and easy. For those looking for a romantic escape, the hotel's substantial outdoor spa area is adults-only and comprises of a courtyard of day-beds surrounding the sort of long pool that would be at home in any Bali or Thailand resort. The spa treatment rooms neighbour the open air jacuzzi and sauna, making it easy to coast between each, sangria in hand.

atzaro agroturismo hotel - Hearst Owned

And for the final sort of guest, the VIPs perhaps, or just those with healthy wallets and a thirst for privacy, the hotel's private villas offer seclusion, solitude and private pools, with proximity to all the action of the main house.

Hotel double rooms start from €440 per night but rates increase during peak season. Spa day packages, not inclusive of hotel stay, start from €100.


The Beach Club

A word must be said for Atzaró's second Balearic property, Atzaró beach - on the small but perfectly formed beach of Cala Nova in the north-east. If you're looking to escape the Nikki beach crowd of cut-out lamé swimwear and plastic goblets of prosecco, this is the place for you.

atzaro agroturismo hotel
Hearst Owned

Family friendly, quiet, bohemian, hilltop views of the shoreline, plenty of daybeds to pitch up on and sharing plates that include fresh paella, fresh seafood, pasta and more.


Dining Under The Stars

If you're looking for fine dining, in the beautiful surrounds of Ibiza's inland landscape, you have to experience Atzaró's third property, Aubergine.

atzaro agroturismo hotel
Hearst Owned

A 'country-kitchen' like none you'll have experienced, Aubergine offers the best of Atzaró's luxury living - think bougainvillea-lined terraces, a courtyard with charming up-lighters, several different bar areas and a farm-to-table approach that makes the best of the land's natural (and delicious) resources.


Once upon a time, if you were staring down the barrel of a big life change, ring-fencing time to stare into the eyes of your partner, or looking to connect with the plants, trees and earth in a way that seems impossible during days spent commuting backwards and forwards from the office, a trip to Ibiza might not have been your first thought. But with hen-dos and head-banging taking up just a fraction of the island's coastline, there's a wealth of other pursuits waiting to be discovered inland and to the north. Looking to join the zen club? Trust us, it's here too.

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