Where to Eat Next

At Food & Wine, we believe that the very best way to get acquainted with a place and to experience a deep sense of culture and community, is to taste it. Whether it’s a fragrant bite from a food stall, a sip of a cocktail, a meal with your toes in the sand, or a roam around local vineyards, exploring a region through its food and drink is the most intimate way of connecting with a destination and its people. For many travelers, a stop at a city’s central market is an eye-opening adventure into unfamiliar smells, tastes, and sights that offer a quick read on a place. And for others, it’s seeking out a singular dish — or a drink — that speaks to a region and a cuisine.

For this special issue, we tapped writers from around the globe to share their singular favorite bites, destinations, and culinary excursions, from the world’s best bar snack (hint: the Gilda) in San Sebastián, Spain, to hawker stalls in Singapore, and the one lobster roll to rule them all in Maine, we’ve got the inside take on some of the world’s most delicious food experiences — from the well-trodden to the obscure. So, if you’re like us, planning another trip before you’ve already wrapped one, consider this your ultimate guide on where to eat next. — Food & Wine Editors

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