Where does Alexander-Arnold fit as a defender?

BBC Sport's chief football news reporter Simon Stone

BBC Sport's chief football news reporter Simon Stone has been answering your questions.

Gary asked: Have teams caught on to the fact that Trent Alexander-Arnold is not the greatest defender, and can Liverpool and England afford to take a chance on him defensively?

Simon replied: I think we have known for a while Alexander-Arnold is not the most watertight when it comes to tracking runners or holding his position in transition. The question is whether his abilities on the ball, which are exceptional, balance that out.

I am still uncertain. He can clearly step into midfield as has become the trend in the Premier League. But would I pick him in midfield for England? I am not sure about that given the players we have there.

I would definitely have him in my squad for the Euros but he is not starting ahead of Kyle Walker. It is slightly different with Liverpool because you can construct a squad that covers his weaknesses.