What's The Worst And Wildest International Hotel Experience You've Ever Had?

IMO, one of the best parts of traveling internationally is all the stories you get to bring home. Oftentimes, the worst experiences make for the best stories — even a bad time at a hotel.

For example, when I was in Edinburgh a few years ago, I spent one night in a hotel that was being renovated. My room was so deep down in the basement that, when I came back for the night, I couldn't remember all the correct twists and turns — and I got lost in what I can only describe as the dark, dingy "dungeon!"

Dimly lit basement corridor with exposed pipes and a single lightbulb
Goroda / Getty Images

Then, when I was at a different hotel in Edinburgh last summer, I accidentally became the cause of other people's "worst hotel experience" stories. I was by myself, so the night before, I left my safety alarm doorstop under the door...then promptly forgot about it in the morning, setting off a horrific alarm that I'm sure woke up everyone else on my floor.

Alexis Rose from Schitt's Creek appears stressed with hands on her ears
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I'm thankful I haven't had too many wild international hotel experiences, but I'm curious if you have! Share your stories in the comments, and they may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!