What's the best case scenario for Arsenal this season?

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Over the past two decades, Arsenal have been consistently excellent. They have dined at Europe’s top table more often than most other clubs, they remained competitive while financing a new stadium and, and up until this season, they placed in the top four of the Premier League every single year.

The problem with being consistently excellent, however, is the angst and disappointment that creeps in when that consistency eventually begins to ebb.

The Gunners have suffered a very poor start to the season, they are controlled by a manager who shows little desire to change his habits, and their recruitment policies leave much to be desired.

So, what is the best case scenario for the outcome of this season? Can the North London side break back into the Champions League elite, or are they destined for a period in the mid-table wilderness?

Take a look at our latest video and be sure to leave your thoughts below the line.

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