West Brom 0-2 Wolves: What O'Neil said

Wolves manager Gary O'Neil speaking to ITV after the win: "Really disappointing. Up until that point, it was a good tie with good atmosphere. I'm not really sure what happened, the referee advised us to leave the pitch. We don't know exactly what happened.

"How people behave at football is really important and we need to look at that, to make sure everyone is safe. When we came back out, the atmosphere had gone, it was really sad to see.

"I know the West Brom players' families were in that area, which is a concern. I really hope that everyone is OK. I'm not really sure what stoked it, but we got the fixture played without any more trouble happening."

On whether it was his decision to resume the match: "The safety officers and police were telling us when we could go. We had to take Pedro [Neto] off because we didn't want him starting and stopping. We didn't want players waiting too long. I'm glad we didn't have to come back and play it another time."

On what they did during the break: "Just staying calm, making sure we got some food and fluid on board because it was a late part in the match. It felt like a really important victory."

On Pedro Neto and Matheus Cunha: "They are both hugely important to us. We are really short attacking wise, in terms of moments, but we do have quality. The amount of quality we have means that we are a threat. I'm delighted with both of them. Delighted we got Pedro another good stint."

On his FA Cup aims: "I don't know about aim but, when we were drawn at Brentford away, our aim was to win the FA Cup. That was Brentford, today was West Brom.

"We've now got Manchester United and Chelsea [in the Premier League] coming three days apart. Two tough games and we have to be ready."