I Went to the Kate Spade Show With Ease (Sort Of)

kate spade spring 2024
I Went to the Kate Spade Show With Ease (Sort Of)BFA

Let’s just say I’m definitely a front row virgin. The only difference between losing my virginity this way and losing my virginity for real is that I wasn’t disappointed. Given that this was, in fact, my first time (wink-wink), I felt like a fish of water. And did I mention it was hot? Like, 95 degrees in intense humidity hot. I chose a slicked-back pony for my look—not by choice, but because it was simply the only way to hide how greasy my hair was from all the sweat—and wore a white corset lace-up dress with summery espadrilles and a cute emerald Kate Spade clutch. I obviously had to put a bow in my hair because nothing felt more Kate Spade. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt that was practically a bow party.

First up was the step-and-repeat, which I’d admittedly never encountered before. I was thrown into taking some awkward photos that I’m sure I’ll cringe at later. (Actually, if I’m being honest, I’m cringing right now typing this.) Considering that I film myself literally 24/7, one would think I’d be comfortable in front of the camera, but instead I found myself repeating the same one awkward and stiff pose. SMH. I’ll never understand how everyone looks so perfect at fashion week, because personally, after five days of running around New York City in this insane heat, I was definitely not feeling my best, if you will.

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Next up came the snacks, which is always my favorite part of any event. I started with a coconut popsicle immediately followed by a cucumber mint popsicle in an attempt to cool down. Then I headed to the drink station, where not only did I find an ice cold lemonade, but to my pleasant surprise, I also found mini donuts. I always find comfort by the food stands; that is where I always gravitate to.

But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad. I actually had an amazing time, believe it or not! I’ve always loved Kate Spade, and my first experience at one of its presentations certainly did not disappoint. A lot of fashion brands are intimidating and serious, but Kate Spade always had that playfulness that I’ve connected with. When I spoke with the designers, Jennifer Lyu and Tom Mora, they told me they “want to deliver this joy and relief and optimism.” And that definitely came through in their show. From the models to the colors to the guests (Christina Ricci and Molly Gordon!) to, again, the food…that message came through in the best possible way. Both Lyu and Mora were incredibly gracious and spent time walking me through their collection (how nice is that?). Imagine pearls, neons, sequins, and revived old-school patterns. And you guys know by my go-to nail look how I feel about a neon. Neon is definitely having a moment again, and my middle school self is so here for it.

kate spade spring 2024

I normally get so much anxiety going to events that I tend to avoid attending at all. But, every time I go I’m glad I did, and fashion week was no exception. Kate Spade throws a great party, and I’ll definitely be back.

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