Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading Says Something Major Is Coming

three tarot cards face down
Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading, by Zodiac SignGetty/Margie Rischiotto

You don't need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here's what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


ace of cups tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Ready to fall in love? Pursue a passion? Manifest a heartfelt wish? Meet a friend for life? Have a child? Discover your latent creative talent? All are possible with the beautiful Ace of Cups! We’re all due a magical, exciting week ahead. The themes are new life, birth, and beginnings. Look for inspiration and then follow it. You are unique and you should focus purely on your own interests and desires. You alone decide what to attract into your world this week. Work from the heart.


the hermit tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Enlightenment lies ahead this week. Deep and meaningful insights and self-awareness can bubble up from your own subconscious.Yyou just need to make some space and time to access them. Enter: Solitude, reflection, meditation, yoga, journaling. Be The Hermit this week. Rely on your own intuition and take your instincts and ideas seriously.


king of pentacles tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

The King of Pentacles is a tarot hero of yours, Taurus, because he’s all about security, prosperity, wealth, success, and making it when no one thought you could! No one works harder than you, my friend, and you can prove it this week with this powerful King by your side. Feel his stoic, resilient, confident energy fueling your own desires and decisions. The higher you aim, the better outcomes you’ll achieve. Go forth and get what you deserve.


the high priestess tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Time to get real quiet, Gemini, and listen to your twin self. Your inner twin is there, you know, watching, analyzing, processing, and discerning. Ask your twin to come forth and share their opinions and thoughts on recent events in your world. The High Priestess reveals you will receive extremely personal, powerful, and actionable insights. Your twin has awoken and they've got something to say. Tune in!


two of cups tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

You're all about your inner circle, Cancer. Draw closer to those well-chosen few this week and celebrate your relationships—romantic, platonic, familial. Treat them, compliment them, and support them. Tell them how you feel about things, and let them support you too. Love is a two-way emotion. You give and receive. When it feels one-way, well, that’s not love (and you know this). Celebrate and appreciate the people who show up for you. Invest in those bonds and create lasting memories. Have a loving week.


three of wands tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Failure is a very bitter pill for you to swallow, Leo, because you have a big ego (sorry, but it's true). But failure is not the deciding factor in your life, or any threat to your reputation/identity… it’s simply part of the process on the road to achievement. Nothing worthwhile is found easily. You have to take a risky-looking path sometimes. The Three of Wands asks you to take the perfectionist pressure off of yourelf this week and simply experiment. Success is coming (in a round-about way).


the hierophant
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

You're a natural teacher, Virgo, because you’re studious, smart, perceptive, articulate, and diligent. Even if teaching isn’t your chosen profession, The Hierophant shows up to ask you to adopt a coaching/teaching kind of role this week. Maybe it’s helping a friend or family member do something they don’t know how to. Maybe it’s training someone at work or creating a process or system. Maybe it's literally teaching! Use your sharp mind and share knowledge.


eight of pentacles tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

It’s one of those weeks, Libra, when you just have to get to work. Hard work is called for. Now, this might seem like a tough ask because you’ve already put so much effort in, and maybe you feel like it’s not paying off. Libra, let me share a secret: You are going to experience a significant breakthrough this week that propels you further ahead than you thought possible. All of your efforts will be repaid, and this is a worthwhile pursuit. Don’t give up.


three of cups tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Enjoy yourself this week, Scorpio. Why not? There’s never a perfect time to let loose and celebrate. There’s ALWAYS a to-do list awaiting you or a problem to solve. So, to hell with it, just have fun anyway! The Three of Cups gives you full permission to seek pleasure and good times. Draw closer to friends. Party. Socialize. Travel. Pursue interests that fascinate you (and maybe *just* you). It’s a week to center yourself. Enjoy.


a poster of a person riding a horse
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Death brings transformation into your realm, likely triggered by an ending of some kind. Maybe it’s only a small thing, but it stirs something up in your psyche and you find yourself wondering what else you might wish to. This all then leads to clearing out some stuff that needs to go, which leads to thoughts of what you could replace it with. A rebirth is coming, an evolution towards a 2.0 version of you! Embrace the process.


two of pentacles tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

If one zodiac sign was destined to "have it all," then that’s you, Cap! And here comes the Two of Pentacles to confirm it. This card gives you full permission to welcome as many new activities, goals, projects, relationships, and hobbies in your world as possible. The more you do, the more you will discover you can do. They always say, “if you want something doing, ask a busy person,” and that busy person is you! Be productive, energetic, and full of life. Good things are coming your way this week. Get ready!


justice tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Justice is an important concept in your mind, Aquarius. You’re a truth-seeker, a progressive thinker, and a global humanitarian. You want to do your part towards the goal of equality. You feel a deep need to speak for those that can’t, and you're moved by stories of injustice in your world. Get involved. Find a cause—something you can contribute tangibly to. It doesn’t have to be saving the world; it can be as simple as helping out a friend or joining a community garden.


eight of wands tarot card
Margie Rischiotto+Rider-Waite

Networking is a worthy pursuit this week, Pisces, so schedule time to make new connections and reinvigorate lapsed ones. Ask for input and feedback, offer help to others, and be present at important events with people of influence. Show up. Be seen. Contribute. You are such a people person anyway—you know that networking isn’t the horror that many other signs think it is! You can do it. And you will benefit from it, I promise.

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