Week 13's top game: Browns-Titans critical in shaping full AFC playoff picture

Yahoo Sports Staff
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Yahoo Sports NFL senior writers Charles Robinson and Terez Paylor select a Week 13 game that will leave us buzzing into Monday.

Robinson’s must-watch
Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans

This is the measuring stick game that Cleveland needs now, given that the franchise has shown an ability to beat lower and medium level teams. The next step of growth for the Browns will be to go toe-to-toe with a playoff caliber team, and show they can beat the Titans at their own game. Cleveland’s rushing game has the ability to make that happen this weekend.

Conversely, the Titans are picking up momentum and have a chance to run the table into the playoffs. Getting a commanding win here would significantly help that effort.

Paylor’s must-watch
Browns at Titans

The Titans are my game of the week for the second straight time, and hey, can you blame me?

After handling the Colts to get an edge in the tight AFC South race, they now get a critical matchup that could play a role in AFC playoff seeding against another 8-3 team. The Titans fared well against the Colts’ hobbled run game last week, but they’ll be tested much more this weekend against a Cleveland run game that’s as potent as the Titans’.

Provided the Titans find a way to stop Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, it will be interesting to see whether Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield steps up. Either way, this game will be a fascinating referendum on the contending status of both teams.

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