Week 10 Fantasy Football Stats: Dak’s rushing, Mixon’s outlook & Falcons/Panthers preview

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Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don are back for another Stat Nerd Thursday, where they provide (at least) one stat for all 32 NFL teams.

This week, the guys focus in on Dak Prescott’s return to running the ball, talk about Joe Mixon’s rest of season outlook, and talk about a couple of QBs (Justin Herbert & Lamar Jackson) that are struggling to make things work without any healthy receivers.

After going through 30 teams, and getting a mid-podcast update on Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams, the guys preview what looks to be a messy game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Carolina Panthers.

03:00 Philadelphia Eagles

05:30 Minnesota Vikings

09:15 Buffalo Bills

12:50 Dallas Cowboys

15:45 Kansas City Chiefs

21:20 New York Giants

23:35 Baltimore Ravens

26:30 Miami Dolphins

27:45 New York Jets

31:35 Seattle Seahawks

35:45 Los Angeles Chargers

37:55 Tennessee Titans

39:10 Cincinnati Bengals

41:30 New England Patriots

43:00 San Francisco 49ers

47:40 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

49:30 Washington Commanders

50:30 Indianapolis Colts

52:00 Cleveland Browns

53:25 Denver Broncos

57:10 Los Angeles Rams

60:00 Arizona Cardinals

61:00 Chicago Bears

62:35 Green Bay Packers

63:25 Jacksonville Jaguars

64:00 New Orleans Saints

65:00 Detroit Lions

67:00 Las Vegas Raiders

68:25 Pittsburgh Steelers

70:35 Houston Texans

73:20 TNF Preview: Falcons at Panthers

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