WeBuild director confirms San Siro project will be presented to Milan and Inter soon

WeBuild director confirms San Siro project will be presented to Milan and Inter soon

WeBuild have declared that they will have a proposal ready for AC Milan and Inter to look over by the end of the month regarding the possibility of renovating San Siro.

It was back in January that the city council tasked WeBuild with putting the plan together for a big San Siro update, one that would cost €300m and involve plenty of work being done, which we went through in detail at the time.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport write, by the end of June the two clubs will be able to view the preliminary redevelopment project of the Giuseppe Meazza. The task is in the hands of WeBuild, which – through the general director Massimo Ferrari – spoke about the timing.

“We are at a good point, in an advanced stage. The one on which is being worked on is not the final project, but a preliminary one. We plan to present it to the mayor and the team leaders in the coming weeks,” he said.

Optimism transpires from WeBuild: “What I have seen excites us, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a functional point of view and from the requests that the teams have put forward. The project is almost ready, we can say that it will be by the end of June, to be safe.”

The two clubs will then evaluate whether the dossier will convince them, also in comparison to the two projects started in Rozzano (Inter) and San Donato Milanese (Milan).

Ferrari added: “If all goes well, we could start work in the summer of 2025. It would be ready in various stages, at least three different times.

“There is the inauguration of the Olympics in 2026, almost certainly the Champions League final in 2027, then there is the European Championship, where we must comply with UEFA regulations.

“Respecting the fact that we work during the summer breaks and the many commitments and objectives, some results will be seen from the end of 2025, others in 2026 and the final part in 2027.”

Until now, Inter and Milan have remained skeptical about the idea of ​​renovating San Siro, but the appointment at the end of the month could change things if they believe that it is feasible.

Based on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s comments earlier though, Gerry Cardinale seems pretty set on the idea of the Rossoneri having their own modern new home.