Watch Taylor Hawkins' son Shane join Foo Fighters onstage to perform 'I'll Stick Around' at Boston Calling

Josh Freese may be the new Foo Fighters drummer, but Taylor Hawkins' son Shane will always have a special place behind the band's kit. On Friday, the 17-year-old joined Foo Fighters onstage to perform their 1995 hit "I'll Stick Around" during the band's headlining performance at the Boston Calling music festival.

"How about we do a song with one of my favorite drummers in the world?" frontman Dave Grohl asked the audience in video footage from the event. "Ladies and gentlemen, Shane Hawkins!"

Grohl then regaled the crowd with his experience hearing them go "absolutely f---ing bonkers" over Niall Horan and expressed his dismay at missing The National's set while Shane quickly fixed a snare drum. "How's it going there, Shane?" Grohl teased as Shane continued to tinker with the kit. "Oh my God, there's a curfew, Shane!"

Hawkins laughed before giving the signal that he was officially ready to go. "This is an old song from our first record and when we play—" Grohl began, before Shane cut him off by launching headfirst into the banger. In the clip, bassist Nate Mendel can be seen affectionately shaking his head as Shane pounded away on the drum set.

The performance — which saw the band play several new songs from their upcoming record But Here We Are — comes a year after the band were originally scheduled to play Boston Calling, but canceled after Hawkins died suddenly while on tour last March.

Following his head-banging performance, Shane departed from the stage as Grohl cheered, "Shane Hawkins, everybody! Thank you, Shane! What a little badass, that mother, give him a f---ing big round of applause. He's a badass out there!"

Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, MTV/Youtube Dave Grohl and Shane Hawkins

Shane has jammed onstage with Foo Fighters in the past, including during their performance of "My Hero" during the band's London tribute concert in honor of his dad last September. And he wasn't the only Foo family member who graced its stage: Grohl's daughter, Violet, accompanied her dad on vocals for "Shame Shame" and "Rope."

During their performance, Grohl also sang their 2005 single "Cold Day in the Sun," which he and Hawkins often sang together, and reflected on how strange it was to perform without him.

"I'm gonna do it for Taylor's family, and I'm gonna do it for Taylor, because we used to sing it together," he said, per PEOPLE. "Our band is truly like a family. Because we've been together for so long, we truly love each other. So tonight, all of our families are here because we have to do this together."

Still, Grohl explained that it was definitely a "funny feeling" being onstage again, adding, "it's different now. To see you and sing these songs to you, a lot of them mean something new now." He later dedicated the band's hit "Monkey Wrench" to "Shane and the Hawkins family" at the end of the night.

Watch Shane play with the Foos in the clip above.

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