Watch Simone Biles Get a Super-Rare Standing Ovation at the US Gymnastics Championships

Simone Biles is making a major splash following her two-year hiatus from the competition circuit. On Sunday the decorated gymnast and newlywed made her comeback official by snagging all-around gold at the US Gymnastics Championships. And after finishing her floor routine on the final day of competition, Biles garnered a rare honor in the world of gymnastics and professional sports at large: a standing ovation.

It’s easy to see why audiences flock to see Biles perform. After withdrawing from the majority of her events at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics citing physical and mental health concerns, Biles has returned to remind us that she is a larger-than-life, once-in-a-generation talent. She’s already a seven-time Olympic medalist, and by the end of her career, we’re going to need new systems of measurement to explain just how good she is. Remember when Bella Hadid cried big snotty tears after watching living tennis legend Serena Williams play her final match? I felt that. Watching a woman excel beyond measure in her chosen field and be recognized at scale for it is an incredibly moving and emotional thing.

Below, see Simone Biles’s latest floor routine—and the crowd’s overwhelming response to it—for yourself:

Originally Appeared on Glamour