Watch: Shoeless John Daly crushes drive off beer can, chugs said beer

It was another day at the office for John Daly on Monday: beer, smokes, and golf with no shoes. (Ryan Young/PGA TOUR)

The day after the Masters is often one of rest, reflection and recuperation for the players on the PGA Tour – and the fans and media that follow it. For John Daly, however, it’s just another chance to turn up, and that’s why he’s the GOAT.

In front of hundreds of fans during a fundraising event in South Carolina on Monday, Daly demolished a drive teed up on a beer can (tall boy, of course) while wearing no shoes as a freshly lit cigarette dangled from his booze-soaked lips.

Always one for an encore and never one to waste a freshly opened can of suds, Daly capped off his performance by chugging the beer which he used as a tee just seconds prior.

Essentially, everything we love about John Daly — and the roots of most major public health concerns — all wrapped into one neat and tidy clip.