Watch: Man lifts a helicopter, still fails to break world record

Franz Muellner, known in the Strongman community as “Austrian Rock,” recently attempted to break a world record by lifting a 2,000 pound helicopter on his shoulders.

The man Muellner was trying to beat was, in fact, himself, and he needed to hit 900kg (or nearly 2,000 pounds) to beat his own Guinness World Record for heaviest weight supported on one person’s shoulders.

During the video, he appears to hit the mark before he collapses to the ground. However, the rules stated that the scale must not drop below 450kg at anytime during the lift—which it did, negating his attempt.

Nothing to worry about for the big man, though, as he still holds that record. And this one as well, in which he set the record for restraining four motor cycles for the longest duration.

And he also pulled an airplane once, no biggie.

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